It was a typical Friday evening and I was getting the girls in their PJ’s ready for bed. I was in my younger daughters room, I started to smell something off and then seconds later I heard an out-of-tune radio station blasting. My biggest fear was my daughter being electrocuted and I was in full throttle panic mode. I ran to her room, she was on the opposite side of her bed screaming, causing my younger one to scream. Between Madeline and I was the ceiling light/ fan above us where the motor had been burning out, wires crossed and sparks were coming out from the unit. Smoke, fireworks and mini flames is what we witnessed. I managed to shut the light off and screamed for Madeline to get down as I lurched over to grab her and we all ran downstairs. We heard a loud combustion and then silence and smoke.

The fire department came very quickly which was a huge relief. They managed to dismantle the ceiling light and shared how this is so very rare for an appliance like this to burn out and definitely a manufacture issue. Afterwards, Madeline slept with me for the next couple of nights as the fear of what happened was front and present in her mind. This was a traumatic ordeal for my little five year old daughter and although she was brave, it was nonetheless very upsetting as this was her bedroom.

I share this to remind ourselves that within seconds our entire world can be flipped upside down. Had this happened hour later, she would’ve been sleeping, I have to beg of myself to not let my mind go there. I am choosing to call this situation a very unusual ‘Christmas Miracle’.

I was shaken up all weekend, however, we gave our girls a lot of love and security, and to know our house is safe. We also managed to get a new unicorn named Emma, who sits proud in Madeline’s room and comforts her. With full safety in mind, we secured a new light with no ceiling fan to be the replacement. She got to choose it and we are thanking our lucky stars it was nothing more than what it was.