Women entrepreneurs all over the world must share their success stories and spread awareness on what worked for them.

This article is part II of “2018 Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs and How to Overcome them”

In 2017, I observed an amazing group of women online and called upon few to share their valuable thoughts.

How these Amazing Women Entrepreneurs plan to Overcome Challenges in 2018 -  Part II

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Deb Helfrich
, Soulpreneur Strategist and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mastering Mindfulness proprietary E-Learning platform says:
Marketing is the biggest challenge ahead for www.insightsoccur.com

She says it is extremely difficult for people who want to cultivate small, collaborative networks to do so and to create an authentic signal within the noise of business as usual. She shares that women are inherent in connections and taking care of communities and true human well being. She advises us to acknowledge the challenges in our society realistically and work towards actively engaging in robust ways with people who are outside our social bubbles.

Sarah Elkins, Creator and Host of No Longer Virtual, a two-day conference with the theme “connecting beyond the keyboard”. Sarah says, “Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will”.

She found that the best way to overcome challenges include…
– Finding and implementing – and consistently using – tools to keep business better organized.
– Building a client base while keeping current clients satisfied and returning.
– Pacing yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed and anxious.

Mary Schaefer, SHRM-CP, PHR, an Advocate for More Humanity at Work.

She advises us to create more successful and sustainable organizations through what makes us human. To express ourselves “fully, compassionately, and without apology.”

To write down our thoughts regularly, including aspirations and vision for ourselves and the business.This helps us prioritize and focus.

Aurorasa Sima, an experienced Emotional Intelligence trainer and coach.
Her upcoming comprehensive self-coaching course explores and invents/re-invents strategies for addressing the challenges in 2018 including…
– Finding more and greater ways to help people transform who have a history of not achieving much with training
– Not settling for mediocre when she is in a time crunch. Not to compromise too much and to keep a deadline.

Lynda Spiegel, Founder of Rising Stars Resumes.
Her evergreen challenge is to keep up with her field so that the guidance she gives her clients remains on point. Knowledge sharing and learning are what drives her to succeed. Constantly learning and exploring our experiences is the best way there is.

Zeta Yarwood, Executive Coach, an award-winning career coach in the UAE.
Time management and focus will be her biggest challenge in 2018. She plans to use strategic planning to help with focus.

Goldie Chan, Head of Content and Creative says her greatest challenge is learning to scale. As her business has exponentially grown, she intends to find more young, creative support for it.

Heather R. Younger J.D, Best-Selling Author: The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty at Customer Fanatix.

She plans to overcome her biggest challenges in 2018 with these strategies…
– Remain confident and don’t self-sabotage herself.
– Remain focused in 2018 based on her long-term plan.– Make sure she continues to give the right amount of time to her children while focusing on growing your business.

Deborah Levine, Award-winning Author and Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report. Her biggest challenge for 2018 is to Think Big. Cultural diversity has a new visibility, meaning, and urgency that requires re-inventing herself and adjusting to a packed schedule. She is re-fashioning her presentations and upgrading her technology to communicate, teach, and mentor. She says, “Most women entrepreneurs will also need to use videos, podcasts, blogs, and social networking platforms in new ways. Internet technology quickly goes obsolete and to keep your business relevant, you must regularly update the technology use. You can see what that looks like at www.americandiversityreport.com

Deb Lange, Mentor, & Facilitator, Designer of Unique Learning Experiences shares what’s ahead for her in 2018 with a big move to Geelong.

Her challenge will be creating new relationships, introducing herself to people, finding what they need and if it can help. This 2018 she is looking to help people with wellbeing programs. To create experiences for people to be more present to themselves and others. Feel connection, joy, fulfillment, and ease.

Sheryl Sandburg, COO Facebook is a live example of gathering support and helping women collaborate all over the world through Leanin.org.

We can all form our own support groups to help each other shine.

Here’s what leading women entrepreneurs all over the world say to you as you embark on your journey as an entrepreneur.

“Remember, you’re unique, powerful, capable and worthy of charting your own empowered and joyful course. But first, you have to stop the self-recrimination, and start learning the lessons your life is trying to teach you.” – Kathy Caprino

Take time to energize yourself- Meaghan Rose, founder, Rocksbox

“Have a clear vision of where you’re headed, but be prepared that it might unfold in an unexpected way. If this happens, find the opportunities, and adapt to your new reality.” – Mary Fisher, CEO, Colorescience

Surround yourself with those who believe in your product as much as you do – Melissa and Boreanaz, founders, Chrome Girl Nail Polish

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Rebecca Boenigk CEO, Neutral Posture Inc.

“Get really good at time management – Wany Lui, Co-founder, Bundle Organics

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