Entrepreneurship is a field that is growing day in and out. The United States has 15 million Americans who are self-employed full time.  Interestingly, the Latinx community has 4.4 million businesses in the United states and the number keeps increasing. That’s a huge win for the minority market. Staying Zen is not easy for any business owner, and minority business owners face a number of struggles when it comes to business which include lack of funding. While it’s difficult to not be stressed in business, these Latinx entrepreneurs utilize the power of meditation in many ways, and here’s why:

  1. Your mind needs a minute to breathe.

Meditating is something a lot of entrepreneurs practice. Anywhere from 10-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Practicing mindful breathing and thinking can help keep an entrepreneur calm. Marion Puente, founder of Passport Polish, says “ Meditation helps a lot. Entrepreneurship can keep your mind going at all times, so it’s nice to clear your mind and refocus in silence.”

  1. It’s important to know your physical limits.

Entrepreneurs often overwork themselves especially during their startup phase. Working long hours is no surprise to any business owner. Rosalia Rivera, founder of AboutCONSENT™ says “I had to learn how to learn to focus my mind and I discovered mediation. Initially I was doing it in the middle of the day for 5 minutes between meetings or at lunchtime. I also made it a point to start eating lunch at a consistent time each day with healthier food and that helped regulate my mood and ability to focus.”

  1. Moments of silence help you realize your purpose.

Sometimes it seems like there are a million tasks to complete in a week especially in entrepreneurship. Business owners are involved in every aspect of their business including  marketing, sales, building a team, keeping up with the finances, and so much more. While being involved in everything can be exciting, it can make it easy for one to forget their purpose. Samantha Soto, founder of Fountain of Eden says “Meditation and manifestation are key. It helps me realign with my purpose.”

It’s vital to take yourself while managing your business. The minority community is facing many struggles when it comes to entrepreneurship, but they are propelling forward and inspiring others.