As we grow and face life we come to encounter hardships and trials. Due to it, many of us have damaging self beliefs about ourselves. That’s why outside perspective and positivity is so important. It’s the power of words that travel from the ear to the heart. Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Justin “JC” Collins has had many trials and test in his life but due to his mindset and heart, he pushes through it.

Today Justin “Jc” Collins is an online Fitness coach who specializes in personal transformation and life-changing with his Fitness By Jc Programs. Jc is also a master motivator and thought leader, inspiring masses to pursue and live their best life through his daily channels and speaking engagements. In addition, JC is also an in-demand Sag-Aftra model/actor, working and partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world, to filming commercials,  tv shows, movies, and more! There’s no doubt JC has walked through mountains and valleys, here are his words:

JC, you’ve done so much!The big screen! Fitness! Business! Tell us, what’s your story? How did you get to where you are today?

How I got to where I am today was always having a vision of achieving my greatness at the highest level. I knew what to do that I needed to become disciplined, accountable, mentally tough, and never accepting No for an answer. Most importantly, doing what I love.

The journey truly started In High school as I was written off as a basketball player. I used that fuel as motivation and went on to earn a full scholarship to play Basketball at Clarion University. From there I was successful enough to be invited to two NBA/Europe pro-tryouts. Unsuccessful in landing a contract to a team, I loved staying in shape and had a passion for fitness so I continued that. Always having a passion for modeling and acting, I was signed by an Agency ( to whom I am still signed with – The Talent Group) and started my career.

In that process, for a short period I lost focus, resulting in gaining 39 pounds, and for the first time underachieving in life. Seeing my goals getting further away I decided to commit to being my best and hired a Fitness and Health Coach who changed my life.

Months later I lost the 39 pounds, was in the best shape of my life, and had a new found respect for fitness/nutrition and how I could use my gift to help others and motivate them to be their best. That’s when Fitness by JC was created, and being of service and giving to others became my prime focus. The beauty of all of that is leading by example. To this day through all the hardships, I learned what it took to truly Lead, and lead by example having gone through the transformational process.

Being your best mentally, physically, and professionally has had a tremendous impact as my speaking career has taken off, I am a Sag-Aftra Model and in-demand model/actor, and life is headed in the direction that I envisioned when I began my journey, years ago.

Wow, congrats on your fitness and business! Most people stop there but you didn’t. What happened next? What did you learn from that? What did that lead to next?

The “next” part of the story is still being written. I know overall a few big things that I have learned is there are no shortcuts for hard work, and that you must be happy in the pursuit of your potential. The bigger your goals, the larger the sacrifice and price to pay to obtain them.

So many times from the people that I meet, to clients I help, often times they sabotage their own success by not sacrificing certain things, fully-committing, or always looking for the easy way out. I learned a saying many years ago that if “you do the hard things, life will be easy. If you do the easy things, life will be hard.” I know on my journey so far, it has spanned many years, and there have been far more failures, and struggles, than successes.

But with a non-negotiable belief in reaching my goals, the persistence, and consistency has carried me to the success, and I can look back and understand the hardships that I went through prepared, and developed me to be equipped for the Leadership role that I am stepping into now, and the responsibility that it brings to be of service and help people become the best version of themselves.

Any last words/piece of advice/tip for readers?

A few tips would be love what you do. When you don’t love what you do, you’ll never be fulfilled. You’ll go through the motions, and be stuck in the hamster wheel of life. You always have a choice and make one that you enjoy. I would also add whatever your dream is, go for it! IT sounds cliche, but you only have ONE life. There are no do-overs. Don’t worry what other people say, block out the outside noise.

They are more than likely cast their negative limiting beliefs on you, and negative influence is something that you want to stay away from. Stay true to your inner voice and belief, and be non-negotiable in the pursuit of it. Understand that the bigger the dream, the bigger the effort, so always set goals and dreams that scare you. This forces you to be uncomfortable from the start, and exit your comfort zone. That is one of the major keys to unlocking the doors to your true potential and success. Lastly, always be grateful.