I’m a happily married mom, and many times I feel like I need more than 24 hours a day. My days and evenings have zero room for “me” time. There are so many things I want to do and accomplish but 24 hours in a day is not enough. Feeling incredibly busy is so overwhelming. I met Ariane Gold recently, who reminded me that I need to just do it, with a no-excuses approach!

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After speaking with Ariane Gold, I knew that I must operate with focus and purpose, filter out distractions, and not get stressed out. I have to disaggregate my goals and prioritize wisely, so I can set a great example for my loved ones. Ariane inspired me, because she is a busy single mom of two young boys, and was still able to create her own business, goldno.8.

image courtesy of goldno.8

Ariane Gold is the owner and designer of goldno.8, a unique and versatile bag that allows you to create our own look. She worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry for 20 plus years including Ralph Lauren, Catherine Malandrino, Isaac Mizrahi, and TSE. Ariane’s designs have been sold to top international retailers and featured in high-profile global fashion magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W and Marie Claire!
Her inspiration for goldno.8 came from juggling life as a busy Creative Director and mother of two. Ariane constantly found herself being pulled in many directions, and her lifestyle demanded a bag that transformed with her every mood, outfit and tastes. To find out more about how Ariane started her own business, with the help of her two little boys, below is a Q&A with the goldno.8 designer.
BL: What inspired you to create goldno.8?
Ariane Gold:  After building a 20+ year career at 5 different companies in the fashion industry – I decided to embark on my own venture. Having learned from some of the best, including Isaac Mizrahi, Catherine Malandrino and Ralph Lauren, I had accumulated a mass of valuable information. While design was my focus, over the years, I learned how to merchandise, how to pitch, how to present, how to create and how to produce. I had an idea, and I had to run with it.

BL: How did the idea for creating a handbag come about?
Ariane Gold:  Of everything that I learned in my years as a designer, the most important by far, is that many women don’t want to be told what to wear and how to wear it. They want to have a say in how they style themselves, AND they love being included in the design process. I came up with the concept for goldno.8 with all of this in mind. goldno.8 gives our customers the tools to create a bag as cool an individual as they are. They can trick it out or clean it up, their goldno.8 will transform with their mood, outfit and tastes!

BL: There are so many handbags out in the market today. What makes goldno.8 stand out from the rest?
Ariane Gold:  I envisioned a direct-to-consumer collection of handbags. Not just any bag, but a bag that the goldno.8 customer could build and customize to her heart’s content. Her bag, her way, and she can walk down the street knowing that no one else will be wearing a bag that is exactly like hers. With other customizable handbag brands the customer must wait between 6-8 weeks until she receives her bag, and pay a very steep price. goldno.8 price points are very attainable, and our customer will receive her creation in about a week!

BL: You are a single mom of two boys, who must require 110% of your time. How do you find the time to start your own business?
Ariane Gold:  One core value that I live by and that I am constantly trying to instill in my boys, it is that if you believe in something, never give up on it. Move mountains to make it happen. Beside my children, goldno.8 is my passion. And so, I have made goldno.8 a family affair!
My boys, Robbie and Noah have been involved in goldno.8 since its inception. They were by my side when we pressed the “launch” button for my Kickstarter campaign in October 2016, they were next to me when the goldno.8 website went live in January 2017, they approve design sketches, submit their own designs for consideration, wear test goldno.8 proto types and give their final stamp of approval on pre-production samples. They have relished their role as co-conspirators in goldno.8, and I love having them next to me for the ride.

BL: Since you own your company and raising two boys, and with all that you have going on, what keeps you level headed and balanced?
Ariane Gold:  To be honest, I definitely have not mastered balance, or sanity. What I am is passionate, energized and happy!

BL: Are there any special activities you enjoy that you do on a regular basis to maintain your equilibrium?
Ariane Gold:  There is very little that I find more relaxing than watching my puppy Buddy run and play with his friends at the dog run. I try to take him every evening after dinner with my kids.

For more information about Ariane Gold, and how you can create your own special look, visit here.