Jennifer, a single mother and waitress from Asheville, North Carolina, registered to get help from Pandemic of Love back in July when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and sent home for several weeks. “I rely on tips to get by and although it was still slower than usual due to the pandemic, I was managing to squeak by — then I got sick and everything started to collapse. I didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids.”  Suzi Israel, the Asheville Pandemic of Love chapter leader stepped in and helped match her with a donor for groceries, her utility bills and past due rent.

After she recuperated and tested negative for the virus, Jennifer returned to work and has since become Pandemic of Love’s best ambassador. Last week, while waiting on a local couple, she told them all about her experience with the organization and, upon learning about the organization, they asked if she could connect them to Suzi. 

The couple, so touched by Jennifer’s passion and story, later called Suzi and arranged to meet her the following day, providing her with $1500 worth of supermarket gift cards for distribution to other local families with food insecurity so that they could have enough food for the holidays. The chain of kindness never ends — it just keeps getting paid forward.

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  • Shelly Tygielski


    Pandemic of Love

    Shelly Tygielski, is the Founder of Pandemic of Love, a global, grass-roots volunteer-led mutual aid community that has directly matched over one million people since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, accounting for over $52 million in direct transactions. Her work was honored on CNN Heroes in December of 2020. She is a trauma-informed mindfulness teacher, a community organizer, self-care activist and an author, with a forthcoming book, “Sit Down to Rise Up” due out in the Fall of 2021 from New World Publishing. After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America immersed in Fortune 1000 organizations, and the past decade as a high-ranking executive in public and privately-held companies, Shelly Tygielski, turned to teaching “modern-life mindfulness” full-time and has become a “self-care activist” who focuses much of her time in communities that are underserved, social justice and community organizations, nonprofits and public schools.  She is known for her practical approach that makes meditation accessible to all. Shelly was selected by the South Florida Business Journal in 2014 as one of their “40 under 40” honorees and in 2015 as a “Most Influential Business Woman” in the region. In 2019, she was featured on the cover of Mindful Magazine and was also named by as as one of the “Ten Powerful Women of Mindfulness.”   Shelly’s work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Upworthy, The Kelly Clarkson Show and CBS This Morning and she was recently recognized by President-elect Joe Biden as being one of the individuals that is restoring “the soul of America.”