Kylie Chapman

However, Kylie Chapman’s life wasn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. She suffered through tumultuous bouts of depression, several miscarriages, post-natal symptoms  and chronic illness. Her divorce 11 years ago made her into a single parent with two boys to care for. With no family to help, Chapman knew she had to do the work herself.

The divorce mentally drained her of energy, making it nearly impossible to return to the corporate world. Chapman turned to house cleaning and letterbox drops to get by. She soon discovered the joys of online business and decided to put her entrepreneurial skills to the test.

Yet, Chapman’s road to success was paved with obstacles. Her businesses felt very hit-or-miss – some succeeded and others failed. She went through a lot of financial distress from several business failures, but that didn’t stop her.

For Chapman, every failure was also a learning opportunity. She might’ve lost money but gained valuable insight in return. Chapman learned a lot about herself, such as just how resourceful, strong and resilient she really is especially when faced with adversity.  This knowledge only encouraged her  desire to work in personal development.

Her setbacks, business-related and otherwise, inadvertently caused her to learn more about herself than she could’ve ever imagined. Years of counseling, therapy, psychology, psychiatric and medical intervention helped Chapman grow resilient and able to withstand anything life threw at her.

“At the end of the day, as a single mum with little support, you just get on and do it,” she said. “I allow myself a pity party when needed, knowing that I will feel better the next day. I know that no matter what, I will always find a way, always find a solution”.

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7 Figure Surfer

After 10 years of solopreneurship, Chapman found a reliable business partner – fellow  Australian Scott Smith, founder of 7 Figure Surfer and who shares her passion for entrepreneurship. 

They met in Costa Rica 6 years ago at a business event and have remained friends ever since. It is their combined experience with the online business world that led to them collaborating  in the creation of The 7 Figure Surfer marketing & mentoring company.  They both realised what was missing from other online businesses and by combining their different experiences and skills, have now formed their ideal business model.

Aside from running the business as CEO, she is responsible for the Personal Development Mentoring program and is a “Success Mentor” to members who are looking to start an online business or join 7FigureSurfer’s Partner Program. 

7FS offers in depth training on internet marketing enabling our partners to start their own marketing business and/or become an affiliate with us. They provide partners a mentor to each and every one of them at every step to ensure they are never left floundering and are able to achieve the success we all deserve. 7FS’s Sales Coaches and Success Mentors are hand-picked to ensure they live our values as a company.

“We mentor them to their success,” Chapman said. “We support and guide them every step of the way, ensuring they have the mindset in place to overcome their doubts and fears and keep them motivated and on track.”

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Part of Chapman’s motivation comes from her love and dedication to her two teenage boys. As a single mother with no parents of her own , she has had to do all the work herself.

“They have given me my spark and are who/what get me going every day,” Chapman said. “They are my ‘why.’ I want to be the best mother and role model to them that I can. 

They deserve that from me.”

Even in  business, Chapman does most things by herself. She never had a mentor or anyone else to show her the way. Luckily, she now has Smith by her side to help move things along.

“I’ve definitely been my own strength throughout my whole life, and now having Scott as my business partner is fantastic,” said Chapman. “We are always there for each other through business and personal matters, and that support, care, and sounding board is priceless.”

Her other source of motivation is her desire to help others. Chapman’s turbulent life put her and her sanity through the wringer. She suffered through multiple physical ailments, a messy divorce, failed businesses, and financial stress, but still managed to come out on top. 

“After going through 52 years of life without self-worth, I know my passion is to help others find theirs,” Chapman said.

She learned many life lessons the hard way and wants to impart her wisdom onto others.

“I’ve learned over the years how best to help myself, to be my own support through life’s challenges,” Chapman said.

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What’s Next

Chapman’s professional life is flourishing, and she sees no plans of stopping anytime soon. She recently wrote and published a new book, The Lotus Effect, which she describes as a “two-year journey that taught me a lot about myself.”

Kylie’s story is an incredible one of resilience, fortitude and the never-ending quest for a life most only dream of.

Having spent her whole life living without self-love and worthiness she eventually found a way to get to a place of joy and fulfillment.  From IVF, divorce and being a single mum with no parents of her own, to business failure and being suicidal she has found a resilience and resourcefulness within her she never dreamed was possible.

Now in her early 50’s Kylie is empowering and mentoring others in their quest for personal growth.

This remarkable account is the success story of a woman who has risen from the darkest depths of lack, to the empowered and self-fulfilled woman she is today.

As for her business, Chapman will keep it growing and expanding. Her philosophy of self-improvement applies not only to her customers but to herself and the company. She sees every day as a new learning opportunity. Through trials and tribulations, Chapman learns how to improve business for their customers.   

“I don’t think we’ll ever stop striving to keep bettering ourselves and, therefore, our services and business,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Her Buddhist path has resulted in a long relationship with a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Bir, India. Through large personal donations, she has been able to make a massive, tangible, everyday difference to the lives of the monks. Their extraordinary spirit is a never-ending inspiration to her and her teenage boys.

Kylie is now in a position to enjoy the lifestyle many people only dream of; she just spent a week at a very remote eco surf resort in the Fiji Islands with her teenage boys, and has booked the next two vacations around the world.  What means the most to her, however, is the ability to give back – in her case, to the monastery.  She also mentors senior high school girls in the transition from school to employment.

Find out more about Kylie Chapman here.

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