He has a Type-A personality, he’s an ENTJ in the Myers-Briggs personality test, and an off-the-chart “D” on the DISC test. Also known as The Commander personality type, the characteristics of these individuals are extroverted, decisive, intuitive, to name a few…and these attributes are what have helped Keir Weimer become successful as a leader and an entrepreneur, founding and growing several successful businesses in under 5 years. “I have done a lot of “inner work” and I know that I have certain predispositions and personality proclivities that support innovation, leadership and original ideas.” He also acknowledges that, like everyone else, there are aspects of his personality that need a little fine-tuning and development. However, focusing and doubling-down on his strengths gives him the clarity and drive that he needs to continue to elevate himself and his brands to the next level.

Keir Weimer is focused now more than ever, on helping others create abundance and financial freedom of their own through real estate. By drawing on his own journey of perseverance and redemption as his roadmap to success, he has launched a new business called Keir Weimer Multimedia, LLC. This company is focused on helping people build wealth and freedom through real estate, among other things. This educational platform gives students the chance to work towards the same goal with a team of like-minded individuals. 

“These lessons and teachings stem from my experience overcoming extreme obstacles and adversity in my life to find professional and personal success, to build wealth and freedom, and to lead and live a purposeful and intentional life on my terms. I’ve created a philosophy and a system of living.”

“The motivation behind this new business and chapter in my life, is that I’m really coming from a place of contribution here…a desire to pay forward all that I have been so fortunate to achieve and learn in just a few short years of working. I want to help others create the same level of income, impact, wealth, and build lasting freedom into their lives so that they can step into their greatness and live up to their true potential.”

Stress Management as a 7-figure Business Owner

Weimer understands the importance of self-discovery and introspection. As a business owner, he believes that professionals should take time to understand who they are as people and as professionals…so that they can better handle and respond to the challenges that they will inevitably encounter. He also states that outside opinions can be important to gaining new perspectives on oneself. “Understanding who you are, being self-reflective, vulnerable, self-aware, and humble [is important] when looking at yourself objectively. It’s important to also take the opinions and observations of others seriously when credible from those you trust. Personality tests can also be highly informative and helpful, but remember to always stay humble, teachable, and pursue the truth at all cost no matter what.”

As a believer in “life’s seasons,” Keir mentions how life undergoes a natural change and evolution as he has, and even though one must balance both their work and personal life continually, there is still a season where one aspect of a person’s life may take precedence over another, and that’s okay! Finding the right, healthy balance is the ultimate goal, and once you achieve this, life will become a rewarding reflection of calculated decision-making and hard work. “Life has different seasons just like the year does, and in some seasons, we are going to naturally be more focused on building our careers and our businesses, whereas in other seasons, will be more focused on building our families and relationships. This does not mean that these things can’t be grown and built together simultaneously, in fact, they should be. But sometimes when you have a massive vision and ambition and calling in this world, certain things and certain sacrifices will have to be made in order to accomplish these things, because timing is everything.”

Daily Rituals, Time Management, and Healthy Habits

Even though he operates multiple businesses, Keir still finds time to unwind and practice healthy daily habits and self-care routines. From regular physical fitness and spiritual time in the morning to a healthy pescatarian diet, to supplements and conscious living, he makes the intentional effort to track his healthy habits in an effort to ensure that this stays at the top of his priority list.  Prioritizing his mental, physical, and spiritual health gives him a high level of equilibrium and mind-body balance needed to build and maintain momentum, and manage the fast-paced entrepreneurial lifestyle. 

Actively working towards meeting his daily goals not only keeps him on track with his healthy lifestyle to perform at optimal levels, but it’s also a great way to boost confidence and improve your overall mood. When he hits his target number for the day (11 out of 11 daily success habits to strives for), he feels a sense of accomplishment. On a busy day when he’s swamped with obligations, he still manages to reach 8 or 9 out of the 11 tasks in his daily habit tracker. The goal is to strive and hit all or as close to all each day.

No matter what industry you’re in, finding time to create, structure and commit to healthy habits is important to maintaining a healthy life balance, and to manage stress and surprises. Whether you decide to track your daily routines using an app or pen and paper, the active pursuit of self-care is what matters the most. As Weimer said, “The point is working toward a goal and a standard that you set. [Setting these goals] will help you start to get to where the most critical habits are on autopilot so that they become a subconscious ritual that you don’t even think about doing, you just do it on a daily basis. Doing so will set you up to live healthier, perform at a higher level, have more energy, more clarity of mind, and be more mindful and spiritual in your journey and in the pursuit of your goals.”

To learn more about Keir visit his website at: keirweimer.com.