When high performers and Type A personalities go on vacation most of them don’t get renewal and recovery. They either get sick, they work the whole vacation (which is not necessarily a bad thing if done correctly) or they come back as tired and exhausted or even more then they went into the vacation. But you spend a lot of money and even more important time into vacation so you need to make sure that you get the highest return on your investment.

Here are three secrets to 10X your recovery speed when you are on vacation:

Secret #1: define your WHY. Decide in advance why you go on holiday, your purpose, your goal and align it to all your activities you plan during your vacation. When you don’t align your WHY to the WHAT you will not be able to recover quickly.

Secret #2: decide how you handle work and act accordingly. Either delegate and stay offline for the whole vacation or if this is not possible, plan a 50 min. sprint first thing in the morning where you do all the stuff for the day and then go offline for the remaining 23 hours and 10 minutes.

Secret #3: Transition into vacation mode before you leave. When you come home from the office take 30 minutes of complete isolation (make sure that nothing will disturb you) and visualize the person you want to be during your vacation. Put on some inspiring music and image how fast (or slow!) you walk, what you eat and what you think… how you behave in the airport queue, how you smile.

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