Everyday work can be demanding both physically and mentally. It can sap every ounce of energy in you leaving your spirit droopy and your looks eroded. But you don’t have to wait until things go awry before taking action. Neither do you need to go under the knife.

So, what chances have you got against these odds?

Well, you must have known that you need to rest, exercise and eat right. What you may not give enough consideration is the fact that thinning hair, hair loss, wrinkling skin, dry skin etc are all tell-tale signs of some internal problems resulting from deficiencies in some organic materials.

This is what must be tackled to put degeneration on hold or at least slow it down. Here is your magical roadmap to everyday self-reincarnation.

1.           Physical exercise and amusement

The human body is made up of systems with organs that interrelate with one another in order to ensure a healthy living. But as you get older, some organs begin to function less effectively and the hitherto smooth running systems get disrupted. And you might think: ‘Oh, I’m aging prematurely’.

Therefore signifies the onset of ageing.

So, what can you do to help organs perform maximally and forestall premature aging?

Just review your work-life balance. The truth is as much as it is necessary you work hard, it is also important you have a life. You must find time to relax, most probably the weekend. You as well need to spend time with people that make you happy. They help you unwind.

And even if your job isn’t sedentary, you still need to engage in purposeful exercises targeting the wellbeing of your lungs, hearts and joints and other parts of your body.

2.        Diet

Your body has been programed by nature to extract nutrients and other chemical substances from food you eat. Your body then absorbs the nutrient so that it can function maximally and get reinvigorated. But not every food is good for you.

Avoid processed food, fatty meats, butter, sugar and salt, they are your enemies. Instead, eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, and low-fat dairy. Don’t forget to eat moderately. This keeps obesity away.

3.           Food supplements

Yes, your body naturally produces many organic compounds and extract others from what you eat. Unfortunately, mental stress, physical exertion and ageing bring about a reduction in the quantity of these vital substances produced, and drain the body of what was extracted from food. The effects of this anomaly are first seen in your skin and hair. And your joints may not be exempted too.

But does it have to be so?

The answer is no.

There is a legion of vitamin supplements that will keep your internal organs functioning well and give your skin and hair a boost. Take the vitamin B-complex for instance. Among them biotin which keeps your skin, hair and nails healthy. B-complex are presented in liquid and capsule.  

Also very useful for your body is alpha-lipoic acid. This vitamin-like chemical acts as antioxidant in the body. It helps in restoring damaged cells and aids the conversion of glucose to energy. There are three types of alpha lipoic acid and all of them are presented in either tablet or capsule forms.

However, don’t forget that just like with other drugs, it’s important you discuss with your physician before taking any supplement as they may interfere with other medications or test results.

4.        Water

Your body is made up of 70% water. This points to the fact that you need to always stay hydrated. You need to take fluid, preferably water, at regular intervals because you lose body fluid through processes like breathing, urinating, perspiration etc.

In your office, always keep a bottle of water within reach. This way you’re sure to replenish as many times as necessary.

Remember you’re likely going to live longer than you can work. So, do all in your power to live healthily and responsibly. It definitely tells on your body later in life.