Without warning, I am yanked under the water and deep into the abyss.

I look around frantically, trying to get my bearings. But it’s hopeless. I can’t even see my hand in front of my face.

I am far below the surface, where the water isn’t graced by the light and warmth of the sun. I am in the depths of the ocean where even the fish need a light source. The darkness permeates my being.

It’s so cold that it hurts. Like thousands of needles pinching me everywhere, I writhe in pain.

I strain to see if there is anyone or anything that will save me. Feeding into the illusion, I fight the pain and anger. But that just pulls me down further into darkness. The anguish envelopes me stifling my cries for assistance.

Help me! Save me!

My situation is self-inflicted. I know this. I know how to save myself but I am just not ready.

So, I wait.

I feel the agony seething and burning in my chest. It feels good to me. I allow it to wash over me and strip me of the illusion that I am powerless and cannot save myself.

And, I become very still.

And, then there it is. The pinpoint of light. It’s minuscule but it’s there. I can see it because it’s so dark. And, I let the light remind me that all of my power is within me.

Remember That the Path to the Surface is Love 

Love in many forms.

Which means that it’s not ridicule, hatred, bigotry, or self-loathing. It’s certainly not criticizing someone else to prove your point, feel better about yourself and mask your own insecurities. It’s never compromising your integrity or manipulating others for financial rewards or to garner power. And, it’s never taking advantage of someone else’s weakness for your own gain, because you fear that you cannot get what you want by your own merit. That never brings you to the surface, I have found.

Love is a vibration that allows you to see light in the darkness. 

It may be forgiveness and compassion, for yourself and others. Or, it could be integrity, healthy boundaries, discernment, and inspired action. Sometimes it’s courage, empathy, and understanding. Or, it may be a combination of all of the above.

But, I know that it’s always rooted in the vibration of love. When I am thrown a curve ball and plummet into the abyss, I go through a process of self-reflection so that I can see the challenge for what it is and evolve. 

Translating the Love Vibration to Wisdom

These are the questions that I have learned to ask, which allow me to access the wisdom within, transcend adversity, expand and thrive:

1) As the creator of your experience, how have you contributed to this? If you cannot see it – then go higher – to a broader, more expansive perspective. The answer is there if you go high enough.

2) Relationships serve as a mirror for what we still need to learn. So, what is this interaction/relationship showing you?

3) At the foundation, everything is rooted in either fear or love. What are you really afraid of? Utilize fierce self-honesty. Dig down to the truth of your being, and really look at what is there.

4) What self-limiting beliefs do you still hold based upon this experience?

5) Where are you attempting to control rather than using the power of your intent, thoughts, beliefs, perspectives?

6) How can you see this adversity as an opportunity and use it for growth?

And, every time you choose love and then access the wisdom within, it brings you closer to the surface.

So, choose love. And then choose it again. And again, until you find yourself blissfully floating in the gentle waves above.

“The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you” David Foster Wallace

We are All Warriors of Wisdom 

We are all experienced soldiers of the love. We are confronted with situations on a daily basis that require knowing this within. Whether we are working or playing, we must be bold in the truth that love conquers all. The world is crying out for this kind of honesty. And, every moment is the next and best opportunity to be the light in the darkness.

As each one of us chooses love, regardless of the actions of others, we become the beautiful, empowered vision of our future. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of that.

Learn from the past and then let it go. You don’t need to carry it around with you like a backpack of boulders. It was an experience, but not the truth of who you are.

Let the pain and anguish wash over you to reveal your inner warrior. Find the pinpoint of light to guide you. Choose the vibration of love to float you to the surface.

Choose. Love. It’s all that is.