Work-Life Balance:

Jobs require a great deal of our time and finding a sweet spot for both work and life is “not a one size fits all” solution. It is a journey all of us are trying to balance. There is not one right answer but if you have managed to be in a comfortable place balancing realms and coexisting then you can take a sigh of relief. It is always a work in progress and some days are better than others. If you manifest certain expectations, you can work towards them. 

Pursuit of Happiness:

Ask yourself what brings you joy? Whatever your answer is, find the time for it even if it is once a week for a few minutes. Although incremental, it will keep you on your axis and alleviate the chances of burnout. For example, if reading brings you joy, designate a few minutes daily at a time most convenient for your schedule. It will be your solace and highlight of the day to look forward to and keep burnout at bay.

Cutting Out Toxic Energy:

Eliminate negative energy out of your life as much as you can and surround yourself with people who appreciate you. Having more friends does not mean happiness. Rather, less is more and quality versus quantity is always recommended. It is your prerogative to choose with the utmost scrutiny and due diligence. Additionally, it’s ok to create distance with family members who bog you down with perpetual drama and toxicity. It may be too complicated to cut ties but you certainly can implement boundaries.   

Self Care:

Taking care of yourself goes a long way. The little things you do add fuel to the tenacity of your day to day life. Exercising, getting your nails done, going out to dinner with your friends, taking a few days off for a vacation pay back ten fold in productivity at work. It’s a way to unplug and recharge, laugh and enjoy the finer things in life that are invaluable. 

Giving Back:

Some forms of giving back are: volunteering, being a mentor and taking care of pets. These philanthropic activities add an element of selflessness and serve as a reminder to be grateful. It is a good way to be mindful and become involved with your community. It also helps you realize you are not alone.