A little while ago, I wrote about a question I was asked by a friend I hadn’t seen in four months: What are you most proud of from the last 3 months?

It’s a great question that leads to deep self-reflection.

Then yesterday I had a nice comment by a reader; she went to a group where that same question was asked, but also a subsequent question:

What Do You Want To Be Most Proud Of In The Next Few Months?

For her group, it was actually focused on a more distant future. But I prefer shorter-term goals, so I’m adapting it for 3 months.

I personally really like that question too. It’s the kind of question I think about when I journal.

Think About Pride

Every new year millions of people make New Year resolutions that they end up breaking. It’s just an idea they tossed around near the end of the previous year.

They don’t think about what would make them proud.

Pride is a strong feeling. We all want to be proud of ourselves. Here’s a good definition of personal pride:

“a feeling, deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements[…]”

When you think about the goals you want to achieve in the next 3 months or so, think about how it will make you proud.

A lot of times, it’s a great motivator to accomplish things you procrastinate on doing.

What I Will Personally Be Proud Of In The Next Three Months

In three months, I’ll:

  • have gotten a book deal for my most ambitious book yet;
  • have ran a successful Kickstarter project for Soul Reaper;
  • have more than 10x my user base;
  • have published a third book;
  • have been published by Time, Inc. and Forbes; and
  • be financially independent.

All of the above lead to the bottom-most point: be financially independent. For over a year, I’ve traveled the world to some of the cheapest countries, like Cambodia, Spain and India, mostly to save money because I couldn’t afford Canada with my current productive activities.

Now, I’d like to have a home base in Toronto, and travel at most 6 months per year. For that to happen, I have to step up my game. All of the above would be make really proud, and as a result would lead me to live better.

What About You?

  • What Are You Proud Of From the Last 3 Months?
  • What Are You Proud Of Currently?
  • What Do You Want To Be Proud Of In The Next 3 Months?

By thinking about that strong feeling, you’ll have a deeper desire to accomplish your goals.

Think about it when you set goals. When you procrastinate. When you achieve things.

You can do this!

Thanks for reading and sharing ! 🙂

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