Acheive Goal

It’s a common practice to get demotivated and underpressure when you are unable to accomplish your work goal. This may be due to challenging characteristic of goal itself and other related factors like time deadline, work environment etc. which continue to mount pressure on your mind as the time passes by. 

This not only effect your work relationships but also effect your personal and social life. Continuing in this manner can further produce devastating impact on your life. 

Today I will share you a proven technique so that you never again fall into ‘Unaccomplished Goal Trap’. 

For instance You as a Sales Manager Are Given  a Challenging Target To Generate a 100 Sales /month of your Company New Value addition IT service to a new market. 

Here, It’s a common problem in human beings that our mind may get overwhelmed with a uncomfortable or challenging Big target. In our example its 100 Sales a month of a new service to a new market. To make this target look easily achievable (you can assume it for any of your challenging goal), you have to make it look easier to you so that it not fear your mind. For this we use Incremental Task Technique discussed below:

Step#1 Make The Big Goal Look Simpler

To make your above goal easily acheivelable, you have to Break Down You  Big Goal  into smaller goals and tasks that looks more simple to achieve. In our above example of 100 sales a month divide it into weekly target of 25 Sales A Week(if equally divided on per week basis) and then further break down it to daily task of 5 Sales A Day. Or in another scenario, you can choose first week for market research and customer data collection, second week for prospecting and last two weeks for sales conversion. What ever might be your challenging goal is, main idea here is to break up your difficult and challenging Big goal into simple and smaller tasks. 

Impact: By applying the above strategy, it will immidiately take off challenging goal pressure from your mind and generate a feeling of “I Can Do It”. 

Step#2 Focus On One Single Small Task At Time

Now focus on only single small daily target of 5 sales a day  and forget about the big target, so that you don’t get under pressure with the thoughts of big target. 

Now your mind will be more active to accomplish an easy goal of small target of getting 5 sales a day. 

Next give a timeline to accomplish your small daily target and if possible break it down further to make it more simple. For instance, if you are working 8 hours a day you can divide your daily target of 5 sales further  into 4 or 5 parts like 1.5 hour per sale or 2 hours for customer market research, 2 hours for prospecting and 4 hours for sales generation. 

Step#3 Finish Out  Each Task Efficiently 

Next is  to acheive your sub divided small tasks a bit earlier than your given time so that you get enough time to take a rest or break for the next target. 

This will relax you for the next task and will boost your confidence for upcoming targets, as you already have achieved your previous task before time or even within time. 

Give your best shots to achieve your short or small tasks by getting all in. Put your best efforts to achieve your small targets. By doing this, you will be increasing your productivity and overall performance. 

Benefits of  Incremental Tasks Techniques

This task break downing technique, is a proven hack to keep your self focused towards your goals as it  will get your mind busy and focused around your daily target divided into sub targets and goals. 

It will significantly improve your  productivity and also make a positive impact on your behaviour which will enhance your work and social relationships. 

By the end of the month you will able to achieve your big challenging target without getting underpressure. 

One last thing is to make this technique always working for you is to make it your  habit that can lead you to accomplish any difficult task whenever you want.

One way to make it a habit is to Make Entry and Exit Points On Daily Basis. At The Beginning of your day set the tasks it will be your Entry Point and at the end of the day review your performance it will be your Exit Point. 

The same thing Brian Tracy has quoted in his top 10 success rules as follows

 “In life All Success Comes From Completing Tasks”.