I’m often asked, “Just what is synchronicity? How does it work?” Well, I’ll tell you, but first let’s start with Carl Jung’s definition of synchronicity…

Carl Jung defined synchronicity as
“the acausal connection between two or more seemingly unrelated events.”

For instance, your boss wants you to put together a presentation on a topic you’re not familiar with. That afternoon, you check LinkedIn and see an article on that exact topic, written by an expert in the field. Voila – it’s the perfect article to help you get started on your work!

You see, synchronicity works because we are part of a collective unconscious. What you believe draws people and situations to you. Therefore, for synchronicity to flow the best it’s important for you to know who you are and what you believe – what defines you.

Do you wish you had more synchronicity in your life? Do you struggle to activate it? Well, it might be because you’re missing two of the key requirements for synchronicity to show up.

Requirement #1: Having The Right Mindsets

You see, synchronicity starts with mindsets, which are ‘wardrobes’ or templates for you to ‘try on’ and ‘wear’ so to speak. These mindsets develop in a number of ways. Sometimes you inherit a mindset from your family, sometimes you pick them up from who you go to school with. But just like any wardrobe you have in your closet, even though you’re used to them it doesn’t mean you can’t change them.

A certain type of mindset from the collective unconscious draws people and situations to you → these are the foundation of synchronicity. Here are a few common mindset traps that people tend to fall into. See if you can notice them more consciously in your own life:

  • The Life is a struggle mindset
  • The I’m so busy mindset
  • The I’m better than so and so at _______ mindset
  • The Poor me mindset
  • The Middle class run kids to endless soccer and have no adult personal identity mindset
  • The Collect the most stuff mindset 

What mindsets do you find yourself wearing? Notice which ones help you and which ones hold you back.

Requirement #2: Be Clear On What You Want

Being clear on what you want is necessary for synchronicity to work so that you don’t have two conflicting values! What does that mean? Well, here’s an example:

Let’s say you want to create an empire of real estate properties to manage for residual income, but you also value freedom and the ability to travel at the drop of a hat – your subconscious probably is going to feel stuck on creating that because you managing properties means you have to be around at a moment’s notice if your tenants’ toilet clogs or the water heater breaks. So to create both, you need a solution – how do I keep my ability to travel yet have residual income from real estate?

One value that’s important to you is the belief “I value freedom” and on the other side “I value residual income” If those two values clash, synchronicity will have a hard time activating in your field. So you have to visualize a third concept that acts as a bridge between the two values –  “I can have someone manage the property so I can still get residual income and travel at the same time.” Just because you have two conflicting value sets doesn’t mean that synchronicity can’t happen. You just have to find a bridge to connect the two!

So, my dear reader, I encourage you to focus on these two requirements – shift your mindset and get clear on what you want in life. That is the key to unleash this flow that will help you create the life of your dreams!

*Originally published as What Is Synchronicity, and Synchronicity Made Easy Part I & Part II on www.drcoxconsulting.com.


  • Barbara Cox, PhD

    Holistic Psychologist, Leadership Coach, and Business Consultant. Author of The Muse Process.

    Dr. Barbara Cox is a holistic psychologist, leadership coach, and business consultant. She started her career as a scientist, having earned a BA in Biology from the University of California, San Diego and working for the Department of Defense and top environmental consulting firms. Barbara went on to receive a PhD in Health Psychology from Alliant International University (AIU), with further training in hypnosis and peak performance coaching. Eventually, she ventured forth to study more transcendent subjects and to look at the larger meaning of life, beyond left-brained science. Barbara is on a mission to transform corporate cultures by helping leaders activate their intuition and establish a balance of the masculine energy (competition, individualism, and productivity) and feminine energy (collaboration, creativity, and vulnerability) within organizations. Barbara is the author of the forthcoming book, The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and FulfillmentLearn more about Barbara’s work at www.drcoxconsulting.com.