You might have read dozens of guides on “How to add images and graphics to text documents. But rarely someone talks about adding symbols and special characters in the text, mostly because symbols and special characters aren’t so common in text documents and presentations.

Though they have hundreds of benefits still, people ignore them. It is because symbols and special characters are considered informal language. In this guide, I’ll briefly talk about these symbols. Later, I’ll tell you about the process to add symbols and special characters to your text documents.

What is Text Symbol?

Usually, standard texts are used in text documents and presentations; barely someone uses text symbols in their papers. Text symbols are the special characters that aren’t included in the alphabet series. Though these text symbols are created using alphabets, they have some tweaks in their pattern.

In general, these symbols don’t mean anything because only a few people are familiar with them. But there are some languages where text symbols are used quite often. That’s the reason why you should use these text symbols in your text. The use of symbols in documents makes the document more understanding and straightforward. 

Where to use Text Symbols?

If you are about to deliver a very formal and professional presentation that doesn’t need to include emotions or jokes, then it won’t be recommended to use text symbols. But, if you are about to deliver a presentation where you want to create a light and casual environment, then these text symbols will come in handy. 

Wherever you want to make an emotional point or enjoy your viewer’s 100% attention, you can use text symbols. Besides this, if you’re going to deliver a lengthy presentation in a limited time, text symbols can ease down your burden because symbols will help you to provide the content of a lengthy sentence within a few seconds. 

How to Add Text Symbols in documents?

Though symbols are quite useful, only a limited number of people are familiar with these symbols. Therefore you have to be very careful while using these symbols in your documents. Among those tons of symbols, you have to pick the most appropriate one.

Initially, you won’t remember all the symbols. Therefore it is recommended to use a website. Follow the steps mentioned below to add the desired symbol in documents.

Step 1: Read the Sentence where you want to add the symbols.

Step 2: Understand what the sentence means.

Step 3: Look into some website, or open the Copy and Paste Symbols page in your browser, pick the desired symbols.

Step 4: Paste it at the desired place in the document.

That’s all, you just added one text symbol in your documents, with these steps, you can add any symbol you want and as many times you want.

Final Notes

People generally ignore symbols, because they are not in a trend right now. Text symbols are quite useful in situations where you want to convey a message in a brief time. Besides this, symbols will help you to build a casual relationship with your readers and viewers. Therefore if you want to make a quick and strong link with your readers, you must use the symbols.