In recent years, employers have been putting a significant focus on the mental health of their workforce.  That may not come as a surprise since mental illness is now more of a concern when compared to a couple of years back. Furthermore, poor mental health does not only hurt the employees, but it also reduces profits.

That’s why employers must strive to address and support mental health in the workplace at all times. But there’s no one size fits all approach when looking forward to creating a mentally healthy workplace.  After all, every workplace is different from the work they need to do, to the people carrying out the tasks.

Either way, you cannot run out of options when in dire need of the most viable employer-led mental health solution to create an environment where employees thrive. Here are some of the ways your company can support employee mental health.

  • Have an Employee Assistance Program

Many employers are hesitant to use the employee assistance program (EAP) in improving mental health at the workplace.  For them, the stigma and shame that arises from this program only complicate things even further.  Although this is true to some extent, there are many things employers can do to increase the usage of employee assistance programs.

To ensure your employees reap maximum benefits from an EAP, you can allow for direct access to mental health professionals when need be.  Furthermore, make it easy for your employees to know where to access mental health resources while extending the program to their immediate family members.  That way, they can attain a perfect work-life balance and keep their health in check.

  • Improve Mental Health through Interior Design

Due to the amount of time employees spend indoors, it’s vital to factor in how the interior design can improve their mental health.  Rather than watching as your employees cope with mental illnesses, you can improve the interior design of your office space. Remember, the better your employees feel indoors, the better their well-being.

When designing your office space, ensure you allow for as much natural light as possible. That way, you can improve the mental health of your employees. To pull this off, you can turn to a furniture assembly service and have them place your office desk or sofa in a place that maximizes light.  You can also install bi-fold doors and large windows as they also do the trick.

The Bottom Line

Start your mental health journey by factoring in the wellbeing of your employees and increase their productivity levels. Create an employee assistance program, improve the interior design and allow for remote working. Fortunately, you can count on handyman services whenever you want to improve mental health through interior design.

The more changes you introduce to your workplace, the easier it is for you to foster good mental health. Lucky enough, many things can be done to your workspace that will have a positive effect on your employees.