When people think of adjusting for their customers during Coronavirus, they may miss a very simple, yet key pain point for many. With the epidemic, the one thing that there is to realize is that everybody is effected differently. One of the most important aspects of how to deal with that is by speaking to customers’ emotional queues.

  1. Change the Tone

When people are in a highly sensitive state, they tend to be able to be set off very easily. The hightened sensitivity can cause pain in relationships, uncommon behaviors, and a negative impact to sales. Yet, what people love most about the best companies of today are how they treat them. Starbucks is a prime example of a company that treats its customers with a heightened sense of respect, as well as, its employees, referring to them as partners. To communicate in a manner that has in mind the person and their possibly stressful situation. It’s how businesses respond to people during these times that really shows a lot to customers, whether consciously or subconsciously.

2. Tailor Your Products & Services for the Needs of The Time

It’s likely the last thing a company is thinking during this time is to reorganzie their offerings. Yet, that may be the key for businesses to capitalize on what’s current, and not have a negative impact on sales. Try to think what would my target audience be interested in right now. What offering, would enhance their current situation, are their ones that can help them make more sales right now?

3. Make Your Copy Meet Their Emotional State

If you’re in a business that thrives off of Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and the like, then think about what your copy is saying. If your copy is the same copy you had planned pre COVID-19, it’s possible your copy is wrong. What you’ll need is to repeat the above steps, but for your one liner, your headers, your closing pitches. When you do this, you’ll see your audience react exponentially more than before.

4. Ask How They Are Doing

Look, it may sound crazy, but how much do you feel any company cares about you. The fact you don’t feel any of them do matters. Ask your customers how they are doing. Even if it’s the sales reps, or customer support. Make sure the people on the front lines are displaying that you care, even if they don’t. This is important, especially because no one is does care, nor is doing it.

All in all, in business today more than ever, we have to remember people are emotional. They have feelings. We can’t fault them for that, we have to resonate with them because of it. This is the key to unlock the best of relationships, and that’s all business is, relationships.


  • Moshe Reuven Sheradsky

    Founder & CEO


    BH: Moshe Reuven is a serial entrepreneur & artist with 1.2 Million Followers. A Tech  Founder, Writer for Live Kabbalah, Featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Blerrp, Medium, Authority Magazine, & more. Moshe blends both the physical and spiritual worlds, writing on how spiritual matters are relevant to the physical and how physical matters are relevant to the spiritual. Moshe enjoys taking interviews with success stories, such as the former CEO of Apple, CEO of Trello, CEO of Udemy, and the like, writing about them in a way that we can all learn from them. Moshe is an Advisor on USF's Digital Marketing Board of Advisors. He is a 2x CMO with backgrounds in Accounting, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Humanities, and Entrepreneurship. Moshe's Tech Startup, WeDu, has been identified by Inc Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies and a potential honoree of the Inc 5000.