When global health organizations first started telling people to stay at home to reduce coronavirus spread, there were a lot of jokes about how fun it would be to stay home in PJs all day. However, more and more people realize that the reality of being isolated all the time is not quite as fun as it sounds. Humans are naturally social creatures. Constant social distancing can lead to a lot of depression and anxiety. Here are a few things people can do to protect their mental health and adjust to a more isolated lifestyle.

Create a Routine
Having a daily routine can make it easier to manage isolation without losing track of time and ending up watching television from morning to night. Just taking the time to get up, eat a healthy meal, and get dressed can help people feel more positive and productive.

Find New Ways to Connect With Others
People can take advantage of all the great video chat options to chat with friends and family members while they stay isolated. There are all sorts of great technologies that can let people play games together, watch movies, or even go on virtual dates without having to leave home. Focusing on this connection with others can help prevent people from feeling completely isolated.

Be Gentle With Yourself
It’s easy for people to get stressed because they feel like they should be using this time to be getting work done or exploring creative activities constantly. However, people need to remember that the emotional load of being in such a massive health crisis can take a toll. People need to practice self-care and be understanding of themselves instead of beating themselves up over an inability to meet imaginary expectations.

Keep Up Physical Health
A person’s physical health can have a significant impact on their mood. Therefore it is vital to avoid spending every day sitting around eating junk food. Instead, check out the vast at-home exercise videos that show how to do simple bodyweight fitness routines. If possible, step outside into a yard or onto a balcony to get some fresh air and sunshine.