In a world increasingly preoccupied with consumerism and never having enough stuff, it can be challenging to appreciate and adopt a mindset of abundance.

Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. There are common reports of lotto winners, who garnered millions, yet filed for bankruptcy in short periods of time. Even self-made billionaires or inheritors may find themselves destitute due to misuse of assets. Part of the underlying theory of government tax cuts is that more money in Americans’ pockets will lead to increased spending and consumption of goods. After all, it is good for the economy, right? Many of us treat money like a hot potato. As soon as we receive it, it starts to burn a hole in our pockets, and we must relinquish it in exchange for the hottest new (insert item here). Then we need more money.

However, it is not just currency and tangible goods that many of us feel we do not have enough of. There is not enough time, space, closeness, patience, strength, will power, hair on our head, love. It is a never-ending parade of what we feel we do not have enough of. We perceive that our options are finite. But how true is that really? Why do so many of us choose to live a limited life instead of an abundant one?

Let’s change this trajectory. Here are 5 ways to transition your mindset from finite to infinite:

1.    Resources may be limited, but your resourcefulness is limitless.

There is a popular saying that some people can make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Many across the world do not have the means to live lavishly, or even above poverty level for that matter. Yet and still, they have learned to tap into their own home-grown innovation to master the art of creating something from nothing, and multiplying what is available. Be creative.

2.    Be generous in spirit.

There is nothing that puts personal wants and desires in perspective more than altruism. Yes, we have every right to feel how we feel and want what we want. However, when we can share what we have, whether a little or much, it underscores the fact that the money, time, patience and love we already have is more than enough for not just for us, but for others as well. Embrace a spirit of giving.

3.    You already have everything you need to thrive in the world.

When we were born, we were created as whole human beings, capable of not just surviving, but thriving in this world. The human mind is an amazing mechanism that has the power to adopt any mindset it chooses, regardless of outside factors or influences. We were not born with any concept of time, money or the latest smartphone. Our primary purpose was just to live and to grow. That’s it. Perhaps we need to go back to basics and focus primarily on our fundamental needs. Acknowledge the fact that you already came into the world fully equipped.

4.    Prioritize what is most important.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could solve all the world’s problems in an afternoon? Just think of what we could do. By tomorrow this time, we would all be living in a utopia. Cross that off the checklist and on to the next. Yes, we all have superpowers, but at least I am not aware who might be up to the task of saving the entire world at present. Therefore, be strategic in your use of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Some things you will be able to do and some not. And, that is ok. Prioritize what is essential and take comfort in the fact that you are doing what you can.

5.    Choose to be content where you are.

An abundance mindset is a choice above all things. If your mind chooses a path, all else will follow. Even your heart and your gut are connected to your mind. Learn to be content and joyful in the present. Life is not a race or competition. Do not worry about keeping up with the Joneses. You are the Joneses. Choose to be grateful.

I am not advocating living off the grid or in a commune, unless that is what you prefer, of course. I am definitely not in this camp myself, as I write this on my brand new computer, feeling like I am running out of time to make my next event. But, we can all reassess our outlooks and exchange lack for abundance.

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Kelli [KEL-ee]  Origin: Gaelic  Meaning: Warrior

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  • Kelli Wingo

    Founder, Chief Vision & Strategy Officer

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    Warrior, orator, coach, content creator, fire-starter and lover of laughter. Kelli has a passion and calling to help people realize the greatness that lies within. She serves as the Founder/Chief Vision and Strategy Officer of KMW Catalyst LLC, a personal and professional development company for business leaders, organizations and citizens of the world.