I was practicing all of my new mindset tactics consistently, and I just kept gaining weight. By the time I hit 220 pounds, I knew that something had to change.

My core Law of Attraction rule of “do whatever it takes to feel good” had saved my life, literally, back when I was suicidal after my partner passed away. And I do mean literally: I felt hope for the first time, and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel in a way that allowed me to keep going. To keep living here without her until I could stand on my own two feet.

And that same rule had done wonders, and worked miracles, in the rest of my life. I had finally learned how to control my focus, to choose my own thoughts, and therefore to manage my own emotions. It was wonderful! I felt great. Miraculous things were unfolding in my life.

But it simply wasn’t working for my body. Or so I thought.

Turns out, that one rule still holds true even for our bodies, there’s just more to it.

Bottom line, I discovered that there’s actually…

  • One rule: do whatever it takes to feel good (I had already gotten really good at this),
  • One skill: learn to discern what actually feels good (this was where I was tripping up), and there’s
  • One habit: allow things to unfold naturally (I was getting better and better at this one too, although it was tough for my “A-Type personality”).

And it was that skill, that one skill, that I was missing, but just as it applied to my body. I had gotten so good at that one skill in emotional and mindset applications that I didn’t realize how bad I was at it when it came to my body! I mean, I was totally missing the mark.

Because it feels different to apply that one skill to your body. Actually, it feels really different.

Here was my mantra at the time: “I’ve been meditating for years. I know and follow all of the happiness principles. I even teach this stuff! Why am I still ______ (gaining weight)?!

I couldn’t understand it.

For you, you can fill in that blank with any physical “reality”: bulimic, anorexic, overweight, feeling ugly, sick, injured, cutting myself, drinking too much, addicted to sugar, doing drugs, or any other physical “failing” you can think of. (You can also fill in “broke, single, unemployed, grieving, frustrated, etc.” but those can wait for another day!)

But for me, it was weight. “Why can’t I use Law of Attraction to lose weight, when I have successfully transformed every other aspect of my life?”

And I had. I had systematically created exactly the life I wanted: Extensive travel to far-off lands, time freedom, true prosperity, incredibly great friends, oodles of laughter, easy relaxation, fun adventures, perfect places to live, perfect environment for work, finding work I enjoyed, the list went on and on. All except my own body. The dirty traitor!  Ugh!!!

But the truth is, until I learned to love my body just EXACTLY the way it is, I didn’t really-actually-truly love all of me, no matter how I looked at it. I just couldn’t separate my body from the rest of me, no matter how hard I tried.

Yet once I decided – and yes, that’s what it is, it’s a supported decision – to fully embrace and love my body “as is,” the weight just fell off! And the world opened up to me in new and wondrous ways. And the world continues to open up to me in even newer and in even more wondrous ways!

So that’s how to adore your body into transformation. Let go of the fear. Make a decision now. Learn to follow the one rule, to get really good at the one skill, to adopt the one habit, and to get support and/or training for any or all of that if you need it.

My clients get help making this decision, and they release their fears and limiting beliefs of the past. They discover for themselves that learning to love your entire self is the doorway to indescribable experiences, feelings, manifestations, love, realizations, health, wealth, fun, laughter, and everything else you ever wanted!

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About the Author: Ramona Galey teaches women to love their bodies and transform their lives. She is a Vibrational Mentor & Transformation Coach based in Florida and Georgia. Ramona offers clients around the world her one-on-one online sessions, as well as her online BodShift Transformation, a proven system of how to love and transform their bodies and their lives by tuning into who they truly are to get what they really want. You can also sign up for Ramona’s free tips and blog posts.