Why do you want to work for us? is one of the most popular and mandatory interview questions in any company, regardless of its industry, scale, and corporate culture. Your answer can either increase the potential employer’s loyalty or destroy your carefully planned self-presentation. To achieve a positive outcome, think over your answer in advance. In this guide, we’ll provide you with compelling examples of “Why do you want to work here?” answers, helpful tips, and common mistakes.

How to prepare for the “Why would you like to work here?”  question

Getting an interview is half the battle. Yes, you already got the hiring manager interested. But your current goal is to consolidate this success and prove that you are the exact employee they need. According to Forbes, your desire to get any job, not just the one you are interviewing for, is a great obstacle to achieving it. Therefore, follow our tips and make your answer as reasoned and convincing as possible.

Research the organization

It’s hard to answer the interview question “Why do you want to work for this company?” if you don’t have the slightest idea about the company’s background. Therefore, try to collect all the necessary information about a potential employer from publicly available sources.

  • Visit the company’s website and take a close look at their “About Us” section. It often includes valuable insights into its mission, values, goals, and activities.
  • Check out official social media profiles to get a closer look at the corporate culture and read reviews of current and past employees.
  • Go the extra mile and search for articles about the company in the industry and specialized publications. It will help you understand its reputation in the business environment, identify the main competitors, and grasp the development trajectory.  During the interview, this information can be included in your reply.

Reread the job description

The job description is a valuable information source for candidates. It will help you understand what responsibilities you will have to face and what skills they require. It also allows you to gauge your strengths and prepare an answer to “What sets you apart from other candidates?” Employers compete for qualified people in the labor market. Therefore, the job description often includes a list of the company’s benefits for employees and the reasons for joining their team. Use these prompts to your advantage.


The question “Why are you interested in working for us?” does not have a single correct answer since the employer hopes to understand your personal motives. Therefore, after you have collected all the necessary information about the company, it’s time to analyze it and identify the benefits of future cooperation. It will help both impress the interviewer and make an informed choice. Try to focus on the following issues:

  • Am I interested in the company’s field of activity?
  • Do I share its values?
  • Does its corporate culture match my work style?
  • Can I regard this role as my career advancement?
  • Do I have the necessary skills to succeed in this position?
  • Will I be able to unlock my potential in the proposed duties?
  • Do I see opportunities for growth in this company? What are they?
  • Will I be able to contribute to the goals of this company?

These questions will help you understand what exactly attracted you to the company. Now your task is to put your thoughts together and form your argumentation for the recruiter.

Failed response tactics: “What prompted you to apply to our company?”

According to Skillmeter, recruiters are looking for candidates who are passionate about their job and the corporation they want to work for. Such candidates become not just employees, but worthy representatives and advocates of the employer’s brand. And the question “Why do you want to join our team?” helps them determine whether you are the right person. To prove it, avoid the following mistakes in your answer:

  1. Don’t make your answer too general. Statements like “You have a great company” or “You are the best players in the market” sound flattering but unfounded if you do not back them up with solid arguments. It makes the recruiter think that you said the first thing that crossed your mind. Besides, this is a сommon and simple answer that will not make you stand out from your competitors.
  2. Don’t be too straight-talking. Perhaps this is just one of a few companies where you applied, and now you are comparing employment options to choose the best offer. But you shouldn’t say something like: “Actually, I have not yet decided whether I want to work with you.” It discredits your reliability as a candidate. You can either refuse an appointment at the end of the selection process or, even worse, take up the position but leave the company at the earliest opportunity. Such candidates are often the first to be weeded out.
  3. Don’t get hung up on finances. Undoubtedly, the salary can be your key factor when choosing a job. But focusing only on wages proves that the company’s mission, values, and goals do not matter to you. Long-term and productive cooperation, in turn, involves something more than the exchange of services for money. This is primarily a shared vision and mutual understanding. Therefore, when answering “Why did you choose to apply for this position?”, try to find common interest areas with a potential employer and show your commitment.
  4. Don’t discredit yourself as a professional. “You are the first company to invite me for an interview in a long time”, “I urgently need a job.” These and similar statements suggest that you snatch at every job opportunity and agree to any сooperation. From the employer’s perspective, such candidates have low employability, which calls into question their reputation and qualifications. Besides, just because you agree to any job does not mean that you will perform well. Thus, this answer may bring you the compassion of the interviewer but not a job offer.

Why do you want this job: answer samples

We have prepared compelling response samples for “Why are you applying for this position in our company?” Each of them focuses on a specific reason. You can take them as a basis, but feel free to modify them at your pleasure.

  1. Company product.“I know about the high quality of Star Inc. product, which allows the company to hold a leading market position. It was created primarily with respect and care for the consumer. Therefore, I would be glad to cooperate with you as a conscientious manufacturer and contribute to its further improvement.”
  2. Values. “Global Inc promotes the idea of social equality in all regions, which is especially important in our country’s realities. You provide employment opportunities for people regardless of their background and rely only on their qualifications and knowledge. As an HR manager, I am excited to put this noble idea into practice together and set a pattern for other business owners.”
  3. Corporate culture. “As you state on your website, achieving company goals is impossible without every employee’s satisfaction. Therefore, you do your best to make your employees feel like not just a workforce, but essential links in an overall chain. In turn, I believe that successful execution is impossible without wise leadership taking care of the staff’s needs. That is why I would be happy to become a part of your team.”
  4. Professional team. “Valencia company is primarily a close-knit team where each expert provides their experience and unique knowledge for the development of agriculture in our region. Therefore, working in your company is an excellent opportunity to adopt the best practices and become a worthy industry representative.”
  5. Business development. “Your company has grown from a startup to one of the key players in the industry. And now, you actively grab new export markets. As a motivated advertising specialist, I would like to develop within your projects in new areas. I believe that my knowledge and skill set will help you gain the target audience’s loyalty worldwide.”
  6. Career progression. “CCS corporation provides a unique opportunity to take the sales supervisor position without experience in leadership roles. I have been working in the sales industry for two years, and now I feel up to mentoring a young team and motivating them to achieve set goals. I appreciate that you bet on the skills and potential of the employee and not on their track record.”
  7. Interesting tasks. “The NanoWorld offers complex and extraordinary tasks for my role and allows me to try my hand in related fields. In my opinion, it is professional challenges that are the basis for specialist development. It inspired me to apply to your company.”

Wrap Up

An interview is a challenge not only for a job seeker but also for a recruiter. The latter seeks to find the right person for the corporate family and has a responsibility to the entire company. The “Why do you want to work for us?” question allows them to make the right choice. Accordingly, don’t try to avoid it. Instead, take it as an opportunity to show your commitment and win a potential employer’s favor.