DaiJa Monet is a personal trainer & brand ambassador. She is the brand ambassador of RXBar, ONE Bar, Essentia Water, Elxr Company, gyms & more. In this article we go over some of her success tips & more.

Main tips for successful habits 

DaiJa’s main tips for successful habits is to get a notebook, write it down, and use your notes that you’ve made so far. She also adds that a white board would work too, whatever method is fine as long as you write your ideas down. That is how she claims she got here. Another tip Monet has is to hold yourself to a very honest level of accountability. She also states that you can only progress if you are aware of exactly what you are actively doing to be successful and reach your goals. Monet then includes “Practice tangible habits not theoretically.”


Something that motivates DaiJa is knowing that other people really rely on her, it is their health and happiness that she is dealing with. She knows how serious this is and isn’t just fun and games, so she has to deliver. They count on her and she loves that they depend on her because it encourages her to stay organized and sharp. Monet also added that she is unable to go to sleep if her client’s don’t have their workouts, which continues to keep her sharp and she loves it.

Biggest distress tips 

Some of the biggest distress tips DaiJa has is “bubble bath and me time.” Being alone and having time to reflect on yourself is really helpful. She also adds to slow your day down by turning on music, this will help ease a racing mind. Monet recommends taking a bath and spending time disconnected, especially from the internet. She then highly suggests to workout, as it is scientifically proven that endorphins increase your mood. Monet states to simply trick your body, force yourself to be happy and less stressed. Though that may not be as easy as it sounds, she claims it really does work. 

Avoiding burnouts  

Monet avoids a stressful day by taking a nap, she believes sleeping is a great way to rest. After that you will have the opportunity to restart your day for the better. DaiJa also includes that she books a flight and hotel for a staycation weekend to help keep her mind at ease and not overwhelm herself. 


  • Johnny Medina

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