Why do we always make business so much harder than it has to be?!

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like we have to constantly be “doing” in order to be successful. But being in 24/7 “crazy-making” mode isn’t the secret sauce to success. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s what energetically blocks us from our ideal clients and from our blessings.

When we do business strictly from our masculine energy of systems, structures, and the “go, go, go” lifestyle, we forget to do the most important part – receive.

That means we put in all those hours, investments, and efforts to barely have anything to show for it.

I know because I used to do this all the time in my younger years!

I didn’t even realize there was any other option until I started embracing my feminine energy a little bit more, making business more flowing and fun. 

The first step in designing a business that’s not only profitable, but also pleasurable, is to develop a mindset that will allow you to receive abundance (emotionally, financially, and energetically) with joy and ease. By doing what you’re most passionate about, you will naturally attract the clients you are looking for without having to tirelessly chase after them.

Let’s take a deeper look at what habits you can implement today that will make doing less actually doing more (really!).

Reprogram your mindset. All action begins within the mind, first. Therefore, if you’re waking up each day saying “I hope this works….” or “maybe I will….” you are already subconsciously telling yourself that it might not be possible. This mindset won’t work if you’re looking to boost your business and have your ideal clients magnetizing to you and your services. Rather, the mindset you want to cultivate is an “either-or” situation, you either go all in or you don’t. Each day repeat to yourself: “it is possible for me.” Remind yourself that your dream is possible for you, it’s already available, and you just have to get great at believing and receiving it! When this becomes your new way of thinking, your reality will drastically change.

Get clear and get obsessed.  You know how they say “wherever there is heartbreak there is passion?” It’s true. So get clear on these questions: What are you so obsessed with advocating for in this world? Who do you want to help? What changes do you want to see made?

Becoming clear on all of these will help you to dial in your true purpose and spark an innate fire within. That spark is the energy your ideal clients will genuinely be attracted to. It’s this energy that will have money flowing into your bank account while you sleep! When you live out your message, people will sense it and be drawn to it. Keep in mind, it’s your energy your clients are investing in more so than your services. Therefore, how can you show up more authentically in front of your ideal audience? 

For me, the ideal client I’m obsessed with is little Gina from Detroit! That’s right, my past self, the ordinary girl with extraordinary vision who didn’t realize it was all available to her…. that’s the client I want to serve because that experience is so close to my heart! I show up every day as if I am speaking directly to her and my dream clients deeply resonate as a result.

Cut off all backup plans. The word “decision” derives from the Latin root “to cut.” When you want to reach the next level in your business it takes clarity and devotion. However, when you set a goal but then establish a multitude of backup plans “just in case”, you are sending out the vibe that you don’t truly think it will happen. This indecisiveness leaves you at a lower energy and makes you not as receptive to opportunities. By cutting off all other backup plans and staying laser-focused on your true vision, you will quickly manifest what you desire by leaving no other option but to do so.

Through implementing these simple (yet profound!) mindset shifts into your business, you will quickly see growth and traction being made.  No longer will you be blowing out your adrenals with nothing to show for it. By being true to yourself, staying focused on your vision, and advocating for your “why power,” you will effortlessly attract your dream clients and receive abundant success.