Aside from a TV series, what is walking dead?

Being one of the walking dead is the equivalent to being “zombified” without the flesh rot and stench. When we are walking dead we are emotionally tuned out and mentally unplugged. Walking through each day on autopilot…just going through the motions.

I think we all become a part of the walking dead at various points in our life. It’s when we remain walking dead, that’s when we have an issue.

And here’s why.

When we are unplugged and tuned out…

It’s hard to take action on opportunities that are present because we often don’t see those opportunities. This leaves us susceptible to wondering why things are happening for others and not for us.

We carry shit around with us. Because we’ve disconnected from those critical feelings that lets us know there’s shit to deal with. The more shit we carry the heavier it becomes…the heavier we become (physically and energetically).

We become disconnected from those around us.

We are perpetually stuck.

In essence, life is living us instead of the other way around. If you’re NOT cool with that, then please read on.


There’s good news here…any time we tune out and unplug we can always tune back in and plug back in. Here are a few ways that help…
1. Steer clear of the negatives. Negative conversations. Negative news. Negative people. Negatives are an energy drain and when our energy is drained it is easier to tune out and unplug.

2. Go on a social media cleanse. If we find that our news feeds are filled with posts that weigh us down or make us want to hide under the covers, try unplugging from social media for a few days. And if we need an update from friends or that connection, rather than using social media, we can get creative. Coffee dates, phone calls, and even emails are a much more engaging way to create that connection without all the negative noise that can come with social media.

3. Infuse some fun. All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack/Jill dull, it makes them zombies. And honestly, who could blame them? I used to sit in the middle of my kitchen floor (as an adult) and play jacks. Now I love to play cards or Words With Friends. Anything that’s fun and that we enjoy doing will help us to get plugged back in to the Land of the Living.

4. Put our oxygen mask on first. That’s code for self-care! Even if we only have 10 minutes a day to work in some self-care activities, (i.e. sitting quietly, a power nap, etc.) let’s take it! Ten minutes of self-care recharges our energy and helps us to focus.

5. Hydrate. Dehydration can cause tiredness and fatigue. When we’re tired and fatigued we become more susceptible to unplugging and tuning out. So have some water. Not only will it do our bodies some good, but our minds as well.

6. Get grounded. And I’m not referring to the “going to bed without dinner” type of grounded. I mean literally to get grounded by taking off our shoes and standing in the grass or the dirt. There’s something about connecting with nature that helps us to tune back in. If standing barefoot in nature just isn’t your thing, you can try this little grounding exercise that I learned from Donna Eden. Grab a stainless steel spoon and rub the bottoms of your feet with the back of that spoon. It may sound weird, but it really works.

7. Journal. Journaling is a great way to regain consciousness after we have entered zombie mode. I actually start most of my days with some time in my journal. Even when I feel like there’s nothing to write, something always comes up. And what’s cool, I often leave my journaling sessions not only feeling more tuned-in to my world, but having gained some new awareness.
(Interested in journaling, but need some inspiration? Click here for some journal prompts that’ll get the writing juices flowing.)

8. Check In. Pick a day and then set a timer to go off every hour or two and check in by asking these questions…
How tuned-in am I?
Am I present or am I some place in the future or the past?
Creating awareness around where we are mentally and emotionally/energetically gives us the choice to staying unplugged or plugging back in.

Whatever you choose, my friends it is my hope that you enjoy lots of present moment bliss so you avoid becoming one of the walking dead. Until next time, I’m sending you lots of love and light from my open heart to yours.

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