Everyone loves their job, or at least tries to, but even the best jobs can lead to burnout. Years of emails, meetings, deadlines and just a boring routine can create a build-up of stress that leaves many facing an emotional and physical meltdown. One way could be to relax and play some quality games over at www.umbingo.com.

So, we’ve compiled a couple of methods you can try for yourself to combat that inevitable moment in your career when everything starts to feel like it’s about to implode in on you.

Take Time to Yourself and Unplug from the World.

We can’t stress this enough, taking time to look after yourself and nurture your own physical and mental well-being can go a long way. In a world where we’re more reachable than ever before thanks to technology becoming completely isolated from everyone can be difficult.

When you get in from the office, try turning off your phone. If you still want to play around with apps then switch them to a tablet, that way you can still relax and enjoy games on the likes of Umbingo without being interrupted with calls from work.

Also, at least once a year we recommend going on a vacation and going completely dark with your tech. Turn off your phone or better yet, take one that’s used solely for holidays. That way you can snap pictures and phone loved ones without getting voicemails from the office clogging up your smartphone.

Identify and Understand Your Breaking Points

Most people think that burnout is an inevitability, but if you can accurately identify certain triggers that cause stress then it is possible to avoid it.

Take stock of tasks or goals in the workplace that cause you the most stress. Then, try to see where you can improve on this, either with extra training, asking for different tasks or if you can be exempt from performing certain duties if it’s possible.

The goal here is to eliminate as many stressful factors in your life as you possibly can, this creates balance which in turn leads to a healthy heart and mind.

Schedule in A Break or Two

One of the biggest causes of burnout is not taking a break, it’s so bad that in Japan it’s considered an epidemic as countless business men are found passed out from exhaustion in the street or at stations. All because they work long hours with no time in for a break, just constantly chasing those numbers.

That’s why we highly recommend fitting in some time for yourself in your work day.

Book in some time on your calendar for a break, think of it in the same way you would schedule and then stick to a meeting, only this time your clients are ‘Rest’ and ‘Relaxation’. It doesn’t have to be weeks at a time, even just 30 minutes pencilled in one day for yourself will work wonders.

Take that time to recharge, rest and potentially inspire yourself before heading back into your daily grind in the office. Remember, you can still be productive and fit in some time for yourself, human beings are not machines, we need a rest sometimes.

Change Up Your Working Environment

For many, sitting in the same office day after day is what fast tracks them to that future burnout because the bottom line is, people get bored. Routines can be good for productivity, but if you’re seeing the same faces, having the exact same conversations day in and out for years you’re eventually going to go absolutely nuts.

So, we recommend changing up your environment, try to make things fresh and interesting instead of the same old boring workday. Instead of taking call after call from your desk, why not instead work from home. Host your meetings on Skype, send work via a drop box, just try something different.

If you can’t stay in your house, then why not take your work in a laptop with you and find somewhere to sit and work that’s quiet. Like a local park or find a natural beauty spot to work in.

Having that one little alteration can completely renew a person’s outlook on work and life, all it takes is that one big brave step to making the change.

Take Out Your Frustrations with A Work Out

We’ve all been there, it was a bad day at work, the traffic was terrible, they didn’t have the sandwich you wanted in the cafeteria or the weathers awful and you need to take the dog out for a walk. These daily little negative nit-picks may at first seem small, but they can take huge bites out of your mental health over time.

So, why not funnel all that anger and built up stress into a positive outlet, the gym.

You would be surprised how better you will feel after smacking around a punching bag for a while or running until your legs and lungs burn. Plus, not only will you be improving your own physical health, but regular exercise has been proven to release endorphins into the body which leads to mood improvement and a lowering of the impact of depression.

An expensive gym membership is not required for a workout, you could easily gain the same benefits from equipment at home or just going out for a walk. Taking some time for walking also carries the extra benefit of creating a place you can escape to if work is getting too much as it creates this feeling that you’re walking away from your stress.

The Verdict

If you’re struggling in your job and the stress is getting too much, then try out a few of our recommendations because they can and will help you. You don’t need to try all of them, just find one that works the best for you.

Because after all, burnout in the workplace can affect anyone regardless of their position in the company, the main goal everyone should have is to avoid it if possible and de-stress their lives.