Entrepreneurs are a class of people who are already uniquely susceptible to experiencing burn out. Throw in a health crisis, especially one that devastates the economy and people’s physical well-being, and we may shortly have a burnout epidemic on our hands.

Here are some tips for how you can avoid burning out as an entrepreneur during the pandemic.

  • Be self-aware

Burnout is a result of chronic stress, so you must practice self-awareness at all times. Try keeping a journal and recording how you feel each morning and night. Each time you make a new entry, rank your stress level from 1 to 10. If you find yourself recording high numbers day after day, you’re too stressed and may be on the verge of burnout. 

  • Manage your stress

Next, it’s critical that you are finding ways to keep your stress levels manageable. Don’t overwork yourself, no matter how tempting it may get. Also, take time every day to do things that you enjoy. Daily exercise can go a long way in releasing stress, so be sure you move your body a little each day as well. You can also try journaling, meditating, reading, or any other activity that you find relaxing. If there’s a day when you’re feeling particularly stressed, take the day off from work and unwind. 

  • Maintain strict boundaries

It’s also important to maintain boundaries during this trying time. Even if your business is struggling, you should avoid working every hour of every day. Your business will suffer more if you end up burnt out, so keep that big picture in mind. Make a schedule and stick to it. Furthermore, know when its best to turn off your cell phone and when you need to stop watching the news. Ration what you do, and be wise about what you take in. 

  • Take care of yourself

As mentioned, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and hopefully, is a part of your daily routine. Make an effort to take care of yourself in other ways, too. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If you neglect your well-being, you’re more likely to burn out. In times of high stress, we need to take care of ourselves more, not less.