Wow, stress levels are high right now! With so much unrest in the US, people are at breaking point on every issue imaginable. I’ve stayed out of the fray. I have enough on my personal plate and losing or gaining friends on Face Book is just not high on my list. My goal of Only the Good Stuff remains. No, that doesn’t mean my head is in the sand. It means I truly believe in the power of the Law of Attraction. What you focus on is what you bring in.

How do I stay out of it? Well, a few things have to come to mind.

**** I’ve done a LOT of reading lately. This came from another writer on Medium, Jonas Ellison:

“Call it good. Call it bad. All I know is that it’s happening…

It’s hard for our small ego minds to make sense of sweeping change the likes of which are now happening in the world. We can easily go into fight/flight mode if we’re not mindful.

One thing I do know is this…

The intelligence of this thing called Life is amazing when you zoom out and look at it from a distance…

But if we can just hold fast and keep our spirits up without losing our heads, we’ll be better off when the dust settles.”

This from Esther Hicks:

…there is no point in railing against the fog, or anything, for that matter. I’m learning that I can find satisfaction in just about whatever is currently happening, because I understand that everything that is happening is temporary and there are so many wonderful things in the process of becoming.”

This from Lily Mercer on Thrive Global:

Call me an idealist, but I truly believe, even on a bad day, that life is good. There is always something to be grateful for, something to look forward to, or something to smile about. I am certain of this.

Psychological studies have also proven that venting and expressing anger results in increased, rather than decreased, anger and aggression.”

***** I add my voice to the fray by adding my dollar donations where they will do the best work on the matters that mean the most to me.

***** I don’t engage with friends who have opposing views from mine. We all look at everything from different points of view. Not everyone wants grape jelly on their peanut butter sandwich. Some want strawberry. Is that worth losing a friend over? I used to be very vocal on “my opinions.” I just can’t anymore. I have to try and see everyone’s point of view. I can hate your decision, your vote, your support of someone, but I can’t hate all the reasons, history, and things that happened in your life to cause you to look at things from your standpoint. It’s the old “stand in someone else’s shoes” before you knock their feet out from under them.

***** I also cannot believe everything I read or hear on the news. I have read two completely different explanations of the executive order on healthcare. How do I know which to believe? I can’t even begin to grasp the environmental issues. I’ve read numerous arguments for and against the ban on immigrants.

(By the way: I’m very torn on taking care of our own downtrodden and taking care of those leaving their war-torn homeland with hopes for a better life on a new shore. Anyone remember the pilgrims? How about the First Americans? I don’t remember reading anything from my ancestors about being banned entry to this country by those that were already here. And yet ~ there are many, many people here now that need help. How can I possibly choose sides? So I don’t.)

My best advice is to be gentle. Everyone is hurting in some manner, for some reason, and we all have to learn to be gentle and love one another for all the beautiful differences we have. Support and be a shoulder for those in need. Tune into your own fears, recognize them, work with them, but DO NOT be ruled by them. Life is short friends. I’ve said it before ~ Love is the answer.

Thanks for reading.

Originally published at on February 2, 2017.

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