My number one regret in life was when I wasn’t fully living it. I mourn those years I will never get back, when I was too afraid to take a leap of faith. Those years that I refused to follow my dreams and instead locked myself into the mediocracy of comfort zones, “good enough”, and subjecting myself to the struggle thinking that’s just “how it was.” I am forever grateful that I finally woke up, took myself out of the victim-mentality, to recognize that life was completely in my control. When you place yourself in a position to receive what you desire, make the impact you want to make, and truly follow what’s on your heart- life feels much more freeing.

Maybe you are there now. Settling for a job you don’t love just for the steady paycheck. Thinking that your dreams are “too big” for you to achieve and that they are meant for someone else. Wishing and wanting for what others have, believing it can’t be yours too.

In my early years, I spent the better part of my days sitting in my office as a psychotherapist. Having accumulated about $75,000 worth of debt from school and credit cards, I was struggling to make ends meet. I would work all hours of the day, and then some, just to scrape by with the bare minimum. Eventually, I found myself living at home with my parents at the age of 30.

While I loved being able to help people through my profession, I could feel that nudge in the pit of my stomach that I was made for so much more – made to help more people, made to live more luxuriously, and made to receive much more joy and abundance.

If you find yourself in a similar space, afraid to take the leap, know this – if it’s on your heart, it is MEANT for you. Do not stay in an unlived life any longer. Here are the divine downloads that helped me to finally take a leap of faith and pursue my calling and I hope they inspire you to do the same!

Become unavailable to the struggle. For so long I believed that I had to know everything and had to have the perfect plan before I could pursue my calling. You know what that did? It kept me stuck in a low-vibrational reality “waiting for the right time.” I soon discovered that there was no such thing. The “right time” is only when we create it. Listen, perfect doesn’t exist, so to expect things to align perfectly before you can take the jump is an unrealistic expectation that results in just another excuse. You don’t have to know all the “how’s” in order to find success. The solution always exists when you have the courage to take a chance on your dreams. Positioning yourself from a place of determination will guide you in finding the solutions and course-correct around any obstacles. The first step is just having the courage to take it.

You are designed for your unique calling. I watch so many of my clients hide under the idea that “someone else is already doing” what they long to do. But the truth is, you wouldn’t have the spark for this dream of yours if you weren’t designed for it. Oftentimes, the heart knows more than logic. Sure, others are probably doing what you are looking to do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  You will have a different perspective and offering that people are waiting for, that can only come from you! Have you ever had an artist, musician, or coach that seemed to just speak directly to your soul? Now imagine if they never started because “there was already someone else doing that.” What a shame that would have been, right? They brought such gifts into the world and personally touched your life. Who says you wouldn’t be that person for someone else? Allow your gifts to be visible.

Ask for support. I remember for a long time I was too stubborn to ask for help. I allowed perfectionism to keep me stuck. I wanted the world to watch me do everything on my own and had far too much senseless pride to dare ask for assistance. Now? I know that asking for support is the best thing I could ever do for myself, and I delegate as much as I can as fast as I can. I realized that by tapping into available resources, we allow other avenues to support our dreams and help to manifest them. You won’t even believe the number of miracles that can happen when you put out into the Universe what you dream to do. Support is all around when you allow yourself to receive it.

By surrendering to your soul’s calling, allowing your dreams to reside outside the constraints of your mind, and beginning to take the action steps to pursue them, you will be met with limitless opportunities. It’s not to say that you won’t encounter obstacles along the way, rather you will now know that you can handle them and find the solutions you need by maintaining the vision. Your strength and resilience using these strategies will become unmatched and soon enough you will look back (just as I did) wondering why you didn’t do this sooner! The epic life is just on the other side of the comfort zone you are living in. Go claim it, you deserve to!