The sun rises, the sun sets and it rises again!

What do you understand of word success? What makes a family happy? What is needed to live a victorious life?

These questions pop-up that time when we forget everything and start running for the success. Day, night we only think to become successful. We can’t remember our loved ones, and we forget to smile. Stress, depression become our best friends and dealing with them seems easy in-spite of dealing with family.

In today, fast-paced world, success has become a necessity. Not just to show personality but also to keep the society status. No matter, how your life is running.

Being a part of a successful corporate company, I personally made my definition of success and kept reviving it with time. The hardest part which I used to face is to maintain a balance between my love-life and work. Sometimes, I feel like impossible, because the more effort I give, the situation becomes more complicated. I usually, used to put much time and energy on company success. And, in return what I got a corporate appreciation gift.

“Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day – Barbara De Angelis”

And, finally, that day comes, when I have to make a choice – to keep my family on priority and let the business thrives. I felt happy, and I got more time to spend with my family and of course, my partner. I felt more confident and energised, which in turn makes me feel better. So, if you are also burning and don’t know what to do next, give a read to below points. It will help you in fixing your priorities straight again and bring the energy back.

Spend time with loved ones before going to work

After waking up, the first thing which I used to do is to make a “to do list” that complies with all the work essentials. As a result, I rush straight to the office and not tidying the wet clothes and helping my kids to have breakfast. Due to this, I often get time to have breakfast with my kids and talk to them about how they are doing? Moreover, my partner too not happy with this hectic schedule. So, this is how I deal with it. As soon as I got up, I start having breakfast with my kids. Clean room and get all the clothes to the laundry and spend at most 30 min quality time with my partner. In which we talk about family, financial income, dreams and stability. Changing habits for loved ones is an excellent feeling; you feel relaxed and calm all day.

Special advice – leave work at work

Though work is important; but family is life. If you really want to keep your love-life happy and romantic, leave the office work at the office only. Never let your office work walk with you all the time. This will keep you energetic and fit. Spend that time with your partner and kids. Go for a beautiful drive and visit any nearby lounge. Cheer your partner with beautiful bouquets of flowers. Doing this will make your love-life healthy and sparky.

Turn off Phones

Keeping work at the office is always good, but when you bring it home, it will create a mess. Switching off the phone is one ideal way to stop that mess. Turn off the phone when you leave the office and switch it on in the morning. Getting yourself in the habit of turning off the phone will make you focus more on your family and you be able to spend sweet quality time with the partner. Because of this habit, me and my partner finally able to get the mortgage for the home.

Dedicate one day to your dear ones (go on a special date)

Plan one day of the week for your loved one. Take your partner to a romantic date and make them special with showering lovely gifts. Indulge this fun activity into your daily routine. You will feel relaxed and refreshed all week. Those who don’t know, that spending time with loves ones keep married couples happy and cherish.