Michael E Weintraub Esq

As you may know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many current and extraordinary challenges get exposed. Mental health, lifestyles, and routines got disrupted by the uncertainty and worries related to child care, finances, job security, and a lot more. The anticipation of your future, the ceaseless news content, and the constant social media-driven torrent of messages have boosted anxiety.

Take care of our physical as well as mental health and well-being

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your well-being and mental health while remote working.

1.How can you maintain your health and wellness?

If you want to maintain your health and wellness, then you should follow these practical tips.

  • Keep a regular schedule: You should create a program and try to follow it. You must allow some space for each family member of your house to learn and work. While you are working according to your schedule, do not forget to include periodic breaks after each event.
  • Stay connected: During a time of crisis, the way people connect is also changing. At the time of stress, it is also necessary to keep in touch with your friends and family members via social media, telephone, email, etc. You can also discuss your fears and concerns using technology like Twitter, Facebook and Google hangout, and other available options.
  • Keep your immune system strong: You should also try to stay strong by keeping your immune system active and healthy.
    • Always wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
    • Eat a balanced diet.
    • Sanitize your hands at regular intervals.
    • Take a proper sleep.
    • Do take vitamins.

Do stay connected with your employees and discuss their fears about work and other things to lessen their worries, says Michael E Weintraub Esq.

2.How to manage your mental health condition during a challenging time?

It does not matter if you are suffering from any mental problem, but you need to take care of your mental health and well-being.

  • Continue treatment and medication.
  • Do not forget to take your medicines on time.
  • Nowadays, doctors are also offering virtual visits to their patients. Find out if your doctor is providing it or not. Please take advantage of it to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
  • If you are going to start a new treatment, then at first take advice from your doctor.
  • Telemedicine appointments are made accessible to the patients to avert attending a clinic in person during the epidemic.
  • Recognize warning signs and triggers.

Suppose you are experiencing some new worsening symptoms in your mental health, physical health, and well-being. Stop doing activities that cause anxiousness or distress. You need to make sure that you take adequate care of yourself.

3.What can managers and other professionals do to support their employees?

With the outbreak of the pandemic, every employee got advised to work from their home. Here are some tips that will help the managers and HR professionals support their employees in keeping in touch with the workplace and each other.

  • Stay connected with communication tools.
  • You can take advantage of virtual meeting options such as zoom, join in, and so on if you want to stay connected with your employees face to face.
  • Show empathy and be available.
  • You need to understand that your employees likely feel overwhelmed during this uncertain time.

You also need to remain available for your employees to answer important questions related to work, says Michael E Weintraub Esq.

With the numerous challenges, this has become a stressful time. Everyone is wondering when this pandemic will come to an end. By embracing good mental health and well-being, you can protect yourself from any shortcomings.