Many are the time when those who are close to us require our care-giving hospitality through one way or the other. When such scenario happen to be your case here are tip that can help you cope with this challenge

Get organized

For you to balance work and taking care of your loved one, you need to create a family calendar so that everyone knows what’s happening, and use it to track activities and doctor’s appointments. This will help you mange your time well in an organised schedule and also guide you to handle one issue step by step.

Let your employer know what you are going through

While every job is unique, letting your employer know about your situation is usually a good idea. It helps him or her understand the challenges you are facing and see what she or he can do to help you out.

Change your work hours

Some employers want employees to have a fixed schedule, but others are flexible as long as employees work a specified number of hours per day. Other work involves rotating shifts.You can talk to your employer and see if you can fit to any of you work policies if you have to change your working hours.

Read your employee handbook

Your company may have policies on caregivers, flexible work options, and family leave that apply to you. You may also have access to an employee assistance program, which can be a helpful resource.

Have a backup plan

There may be a time when you have to leave work in a hurry. Make sure you have a co-worker or two who can step into your role if needed. Backup plan will help you have Peace of mind that someone is watching your back to help you.

Use assistive technology

Technology will play a vital roll in helping you.For example communicative technology will help you know how well is the person you are taking care off is by you calling time to time to check in.You may consider other assistive technology devices such as bowel incontinence liner that will keep your loved one comfortable if he of or she is suffering from incontinence issue.Is up to you to choose among the many assistive technology that can help and reduce hustle that you may go through.


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