When she was young, Casey Paul dreamt of becoming a lawyer. She was utterly fascinated by the justice system, and she decided she was going to be part of it. 

She went to college, graduated with her law degree, and soon joined a law firm. 

She quickly realized that the corporate world was not where she belonged. She put in her notice at work, packed one bag, and caught the next flight to Hong Kong. 

Since then, Casey has not looked back. She built a women fashion brand and scaled it within eight years — her role as a designer led her into styling.

Now, Casey is a celebrated stylist with a list of big industry names in her portfolio. Alongside this, she runs a business coaching service for female business owners seeking to grow their brands.

Casey’s daily routine runs on a very tight schedule, as she splits her time between styling and coaching. She has a value system that helps her get the best of both worlds.

Be Grateful 

There was a point when Casey believed that success equals hustling hard. This philosophy kept her eternally glued to her laptop, working around the clock. This challenge is a familiar problem for many people who are trying to balance a full-time job with a side hustle.

Casey consistently found herself stressed out until she realized the importance of gratitude and appreciation. 

“I make sure I prime my mind right in the morning with gratitude and visualization. It sets me up to be proactive during the day instead of reactive, “she comments.

This simple habit has had untold benefits in Casey’s life. 

“My mindset has shifted over the past year. Now I spend more time doing the things that bring me joy and get me in a high vibe state. That energy has created far more success in my business.”

Stay Healthy 

Casey has also discovered the magic that is taking care of oneself. 

“I always make sure I stay hydrated and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I also get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.”

Also, taking time off to do something you love can put you in a better disposition. For Casey, this means spending time with her dogs, cooking a nice meal, and booking a full body massage.

“I don’t see massages as a luxury – I think they are a necessity to my wellbeing.”

Use The Slight Edge

In Jeff Olson’s life manual, “The Slight Edge,” he describes how tiny immeasurable actions add up to deliver outstanding results over time. 

Casey has managed to internalize the slight edge principle and now applies it in every aspect of her life. 

“People tend to go all-in with huge expectations when they set new habits, and when they don’t see results immediately, they give up. Set smaller manageable habits so you don’t get overwhelmed. Celebrate your progress, as small as it may be, with rewards.”

Casey Paul, on Forming New Patterns

Likewise, you need to put yourself first when you are on the path to a new goal. It is necessary to observe the person you are becoming and make sure it is the person you want to be. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Understand Your Meaning of Success 

I asked Casey how she will continue to succeed and grow. She had these words to share :

“You will never feel like you have arrived. There is always work to do. I never stop learning and growing through coaches, events, books, and masterminds. I love to learn so much, so I am always investing in my personal growth and development. 

Success looks different for everyone. For me, it is about having an impact doing something I am very passionate about and having the freedom to do this from anywhere in the world. The financial success is just a bi-product of me showing up and adding the value. I want to continue to spread my message and support women in doing the same in their lives. It is possible for everyone.”  

Stay Motivated 

Having something that keeps you going will not only help you get to your goals faster but also reaffirm your faith in your vision. 

For Casey, her biggest motivation is her mother. She aspires to attain a level of success that will allow her to support her mum, so her mother can stop working.

She also gets fulfillment from helping other people get closer to their dreams.

” I get so excited when a client achieves something they never thought was possible for them.”