We all want to have that one great friend or friends that will always hold you down even when everything in your life is going south. Friends are supposed to be treasured since life can be very boring without the companionship of friends. The true value of friendship is based on multiple things such as trust and honesty which should be portrayed at all times no matter what the situation is. Also not forgetting that there are also bad friends or you can be a bad friend without knowing it so below is some paramount friendship attributes.

Paramount friendship attributes

Supportive in bad situations

There are those moments in life that tragedy hits and we are so low that we need a shoulder to hold on and cry on. As a great friend you need to always be there to be supportive in good times and bad times and not only in the good times when everything is going fine.


 Being loyal means being faithful or paying homage to someone. Loyalty is key in every friendship. A friend should be able to keep another friend’s secrets and not share them with anyone else. Also, he or she should not talk behind a friends back.


  You should never judge your friend no matter the mistake they have done. As a       friend, you should be there to correct them and show that they have made a mistake and how to correct the same. Nobody wants to be judged for any reason at all. You may never know someone’s reasons for doing what they did so you should never judge anyone.

A good listener

We should be very good listeners to our friends. Talking out a problem is half of solving it. It gives relief to someone and gives them a chance to vent all their problems troubling their soul. A good friend should be a good listener ready to offer a listening ear to their friends.

Fun to be around

Everyone has something unique about them that’s what makes all of us be interesting in our own way. A great friend should always be fun to be around. Friends go out for drinks and dancing on Friday nights or the weekends. Some go for swimming or different activities all depending on one’s likes and preferences. A good friend should be fun to hang around them at all the time.


Being a great friend is totally essential. No man is an island. We all need one another in this life in the good times and the bad. During the good times we need friends to help celebrate our achievements and success and in the bad times, we also need friends to help us get over it and come out strong in the end. Friends should always be our ride or die in all situations. We should also celebrate with our friends. Maybe take them out once in a while or even buy them presents, all in all, we should appreciate all our friends.