Rita El Kouhen

When a woman thrives in a male-dominated industry, it turns heads and attracts attention. Rita El Kouhen has certainly done this by becoming a prominent figure in the technical world of architecture. One of the reasons Rita has made an impressive name for herself is due to the design and artistic elements she brings to this field. She graduated from one of the most prestigious architecture schools in Paris, a city famed for its creative inspiration.

Rita’s work ethic and design skills made her an extraordinary talent in the business. In 2013, she took the lead role in one of the city’s most important urban planning projects. Following this endeavor, Rita’s talents in urbanism and graphic design led to her involvement in several other award-winning architectural projects.

Rita says, great leaders are not born. They are built with confidence, courage and determination. Leadership is not easy and it is most certainly not for everyone. There are times when it is extremely difficult to be the person others look to for guidance and direction. If you are not willing to take on the responsibilities that are inherent in being a leader, than you should stop now and go find someone else to follow.

Communicate clearly and be consistent.

Say what you mean and do what you say. Be honest, decisive, and consistent. If you constantly change your mind and the direction of your firm, you will lack credibility and lose the faith of the people you lead. Your job, as a leader, is to make your team successful. If you want greatness from your team, it is then YOUR responsibility to inspire and motivate them to do remarkable things.

Spread Good Energy Around You

Spread Good Energy around you. Whether it is positive or negative, it affects your work. It is very important to be aware of this and stay positive to create a successful environment. Rita states, “I like to create a separation between my personal life and my work environment. As a young Architect, people will expect you to be more open, so I like to leave my personal life behind once I set foot in my work environment; that way my focus and energy are toward my goals and achievements.” 

Trust yourself, and don’t be afraid of change. Being a leader, people expect you to bring new ideas to the table. Be innovative and challenge the norm. The beauty of Architecture consists of perpetual learning that never stops. There will always be a Spot for you to shine and be part of the change. That Rita is sure of. 

Set a high standard and commit to it. That can help change things and involve them. 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. The language was a barrier when Rita came to the US, but it didn’t let it shape or slow down her goals. Rita is now far from having accomplished what She has in mind. Being part of this tough industry, Rita has bigger dreams She believes in. “Many great Architect figures opened the door for us – new generations,” Rita says.