I am watching a certain shock wave move through people around me who listened to Mueller being interviewed. We learned the Russians not only impacted our elections but are continuing to do so. He clearly stated that unless we do something about that, he is afraid that this is our “new normal.”

This means that America’s democracy could be gone. That evening of July 24th, the day of Mueller interviews, I sat with my sister and she stated that surely after hearing Mueller testify, there would be a bipartisan effort to unite forces to stop Russia. Instead, two bills that would help create election security were blocked.

As we are distracted by toxic attacking tweets, we are often unknowingly experiencing the impact from vigorous repeals of protections for clean air, water and land that are increasing the speed of extinction. 83 environmental regulations that protect us have been rolled back, as two hundred species disappear from the earth every day and the damages from climate crisis rapidly increases. Scientists are being prohibited from maiming climate crisis in their reports.

So, it is evident that we are in darker times than we may have even thought. I don’t know if it will turn around in my lifetime and as horrified as I am about this, I realize that I can not allow myself to be dictated by the demise that is taking place. It truly may go on for the rest of my life.

I know that the warrior’s path starts within: to refuse to allow one’s own sense of goodness be taken over, to refuse to only see the dark, to be committed to finding the light and the good, even if it only appears as smidgens of light buried under layers of atrocities. 

I often give the advice to my clients that if you spend time paying attention to the horrible news, which I believe is important to do, then it is essential to also pay attention to finding the good news — where people every day are enacting acts of goodness and consciousness that are healing and uplifting.

One source for this is the FB page for The Goodness Breath Project. It’s all about good people doing good actions that help others. Goodness in action. It’s our responsibility to keep our eye on the good and add to it.

We must discover where  the sun rays break through the thick overlay of stormy clouds.

We must find the rays and dance in them and stay in touch with the sun that is behind the dark skies. This is warrior spirit. And then we must see how the human spirit in some of us, even some corporations, is strong and resilient and unwilling to cooperate with destructive forces.

What we focus on expands. Truly, what we focus on, expands.

When we see what is happening, we might feel sick and yes, it’s important to express our disgust as we feel it and see it. And yes, it’s important to share our grief and rage and drop to our knees and pound the ground as we feel it.  And then we must get up and channel these feelings into good actions.

To find the good, in ourselves and each other — and show up with more intentional and power than ever — with kindness, thoughtfulness, good actions, good thoughts.

Our warrior calling is to be brilliantly loving, caring and mobilized to do good and be good and radiate goodness and join organized actions that help others and our earth. 

We stay aware, we grieve, we fight, we pray, we chant, we meditate, we call our politicians, we protest, we give our money to what matters, we dance, we love, we play, we find the tree that is still standing and we fertilize it and love it and we notice all that perseveres and we keep showing up with more love than we ever dreamt possible

It is time for rigorous spiritual practices that align us with something bigger and greater than this worldly focus, also referred to as “Maya.”  (Wikipedia: Māyā is a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality.”

This is a time of thick Maya. It is said by the Spiritual Masters that when the Maya is intense, it’s a great time for spiritual work. It is a must. It is essential to remember our true natures and to not identify with the illusionary disturbing nature of our life circumstances. This is the time to up the ante on our self-care and sense of vertical alignment that sources on energy not locked into this earth plane of duality.

This is the time for our inner warriors to stay vital, impassioned and sourcing from the depths within and in community.

If we make it a spiritual practice to turn to the light, step into the light, embody the light, and radiate the light, we will not be without light, no matter how dark our times are.

Because that is what the warrior does. 

It is warrior time. It is time to be vigorous in the light.