One of the best things you can do as a leader is to understand those you are leading. It can be easy to just stick to the formula of the daily tasks and forget that not everyone works the same way. Being an empathetic leader can help you gain a better understanding of how each team member works which can help you help them. Here are some strategies to help you become an empathetic leader. 

Be Authentic

It’s very easy to tell when someone is not being real and authentic as a leader. Being real can’t be forced and it often comes across as fake if you are not genuine with your intentions. Base your leadership on trust and transparency. Keep your team updated and take the time to listen to their feedback. You do not have to act on every suggestion you receive, but make it a point to share why you will or why you won’t be acting on their suggestions.

Listen to Different Perspectives

It can sometimes be difficult to get a clear reading on how your team is doing. Each team member has different experiences and communication styles that can be very helpful for your business. While you may not have the same ideas for a new process, for example, a diverse perspective can offer a better solution and improve your business overall. As a leader, take the time to listen and take into consideration the different perspectives of your team members. Try to put yourself in their shoes as well, which can give you a better understanding of what kind of leader they need from you to succeed. 

Be Flexible

Especially during a time when many have moved their workforce online, it’s imperative to have some flexibility in your leadership. In the year 2020, there are so many different variables that are impacting people in their work and personal life. Don’t be afraid to show your team that it is okay to have some flexibility in their workday. Tell your team to block off a certain amount of time each week to ensure that they have the time to deal with their home life and not feel restricted by their job. Many people are juggling taking care of their children, parents, or pets while trying to keep to their regular schedule. 

Being an empathetic leader can help your team feel engaged and improve their work. Remember to be authentic, flexible, and always listen to different perspectives to be a great leader.