My second article shared the one epic productivity hack of nine successful entrepreneurs.

This time, we’ll be talking about how to make yourself burnout-proof. Entrepreneurs are more susceptible to burnout because we push ourselves harder to achieve our goals. With the scientific discovery that entrepreneurship can increase the risk of some mental health problems, it’s vital to put measures in place to safeguard your emotional, psychological and physical well-being while growing your businesses.

Nine top entrepreneurs share how they fit in ‘me time’ to recharge and refresh, so they can give their best in their business and personal lives.

Key takeaway – Complete separation from mobile devices produces anxiety-free rest and focusing on physical exercise releases feel-good hormones to recharge our bodies.  

Key takeaway – Build the right team as this will reduce stress levels when you take time off from your business.

Key takeaway – Get enough sleep and reward yourself for your hard work with a well-deserved break doing something you enjoy.

Key takeaway – Lean on your supportive network to safeguard against overworking.

Key takeaway – Disable email notifications and set strict work hours to avoid being constantly on-call to relax your body and mind.

Key takeaway – Flexible working hours for your team helps to accommodate the ebbs and flows of life for increased productivity.

Key takeaway – Take advice from those who have your well-being at heart. Learn to reward yourself because you deserve rest and relaxation to recharge and regroup.

Key takeaway – Take opportunities to enjoy your work and be in the moment. Be intentional in setting aside time to relax as part of your business success strategy.

Key takeaway – Carve out time in your week to focus on what’s going on with you and prioritize spending time with loved ones.

It’s easy to burn the candles at both ends when you’re trying to grow your business. But this approach will leave you with nothing to nourish yourself, your business and loved ones. While building your empire, take time to smell the roses and enjoy what you’ve already achieved.

Share your strategies for preventing burnout.

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