Be Creative | Jan Marie Mueller

Creativity doesn’t just have to do with how well you draw or whether you can write poetry or not. Creativity has much more to do with the way we see the world around us and how we work to find new solutions for the problems we face. Above all, learning how to be creative is a wonderful way to add more joy to your life.

The way I see it, each of us has tremendous creative potential…as long as we are doing our best to “think creatively”. Creativity is its own kind of mindfulness – when we´re able to forget the world around us and let go of responsibilities, worries and time for a bit. Centered in the here and now, we´re able to focus on one thing, living in flow with the moment.

Ready to be creative? Here are 6 steps to help get you started:

Ask yourself: What makes me happy? Then DO it!

Perhaps you´re already thinking of something creative you´d like to try but are worried you won´t be any good at it. The fear of failure can really get in the way of how creative we our in our lives.

But do you know there is really only one way you can ever truly fail at anything? By giving up before you begin.

What´s the worst thing that can happen if you stumble and fall? Sure, you may be embarrassed, and some people may talk but don´t let that stop you. Instead, repeat the mantra “Life is for living and I am committed to living a joyful life!” to yourself, then…get started!

When you hit a wall – go around it!

Let’s say you´ve been dying to learn photography. You signed up for a course but now you find it isn´t nearly as easy as you thought it would be. You struggle with remembering the details and never seem to get the angle right.

Do you give up? Of course not! You buckle down and take it one step at a time. Every new thing you try is going to have a learning curve, right?

So, instead, stop being so hard on yourself and relax. Be creative in your approach learning and practicing each new challenge. Focus on the joy of the experience and have fun with it. This isn´t about becoming the best there is, it´s about embracing the joy and excitement of the moment.

Think, think…then think some more!

Of course, you´re thinking all the time! What I´m getting at here is: you don´t have to accept the status quo. Always be thinking up new ideas, thoughts and solutions! Stretch yourself and seek out new ways to create more joy, ease and balance in your life; new ways to do ordinary things.

Spend time in nature

Nature is a great rejuvenator. Spending time outside helps you feel more relaxed, balanced and creative. In addition, nature has the power to positively affect our health, our moods and our emotions – if we let it.

So, why not consciously make time each day to step away from all the stress and frustration and train your “mindfulness muscle” by focusing on the beauty, peace and harmony nature has to offer?

Start A Journal

Journaling is a wonderful way of consciously reflecting on your life – what it´s been, what it is and what you want it to be. Let your thoughts flow freely from your mind to the page; staying open to new ideas, solutions and perspectives as you go.

Use your journal to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings. Quite often it´s the conscious mind that gets in the way of finding creative new solutions for life´s challenges. By giving your thoughts the freedom to flow, you make space in your head for creative ideas.

Make time to relax

To be quite honest, too much stress can squelch your creativity. I guess that´s why most people report doing their most creative thinking when they´re relaxed and calm. (For me that means getting out and spending time in nature!)

So, if you can manage it at all, here´s what you need to do: 1) avoid those situations that leave you feeling uptight and stressed, and 2) make taking breaks part of your daily routine. (consciously doing these two steps alone will have you feeling more joyful – try it and see!)

Take Action

When it comes right down to it, being creative is more about the “doing” than thinking or planning. Sure, you have to come up with a few ideas first but, once you do, don´t put them off. Take action on them!

From fear and setbacks to shortage of money, we all have obstacles holding us back, but if you´re serious about creating more joy in your life, you´ll need to find a way to get around them.

Believe it or not, there´s a well of creativity deep down inside you, just waiting to be allowed to bubble up to the surface…

Commit to freeing up some time each day to be creative. Look at things from a new angle. Do things in a different way. Seek out everyday magic. Reshape your life to welcome more joy into it.

Being creative starts with opening yourself up to joy on so many different levels. It means being curious, courageous and, at time, capable of thinking outside the box.

But that´s not all…

The more you let your creativity flow, the more of it you´ll find you have!