I’m sure all of us go to Youtube for only 5 minutes and realize we stayed there watching videos for 2 hours and we didn’t finished what we had to do. This happens to me all the time. I can’t be discipline and consistent.

What is discipline? Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it.

Being discipline is hard and not everyone can do it, especially when you have an online job. There is so much temptation with social media and Youtube that will slow down your online productivity. Curing laziness is impossible but I have some tips that I use to help me be productive.

  1. Create the proper productive environment → Clean your desk, get a bottle of water with you and a snack so you don’t have to stop your work and go to the kitchen, if you feel you work better with music,play a playlist so you won’t need to go back and forth all the time to choose another song and get distracted, or you can choose a quiet environment without TV or music on.
  2. Stop distractions → Turn off your phone and computer notifications, don’t open multiple tabs on computer with social media, finish all the housework that you have to do (cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping) so you can focus on your online work only without thinking on other stuff that have to be done.
  3. Create a schedule → create a weekly schedule, when to post on your blog, when to check your emails, when to respond to comments, when to use social media and if you want, when to have a day off and disconnect from your computer and go out with friends.
  4. Love your work → Is very important to love what you are doing otherwise you can’t stay focus and really care about what you are doing.

I hope my 4 tips will help you be more productive and achieve more goals in your online business. 

Originally published at allyfortis.wordpress.com