Whether you are employed or an entrepreneur, success stems from how you are able to deliver your services in an excellent way. It builds your reputation, makes clients sing a happy song about your work ethics and refer their friends to you. Every day that you report to work, you need to work diligently, surprise yourself over how you handle things and still have lessons that you have amassed throughout the day.

Last week on Monday, we were being inaugurated into a new work organization and the core agenda of the meeting was how to give the best customer service. It was a very engaging forum where we were all awed by things that we take for granted such as greeting clients, knowing how they are doing, empathizing with their situation without getting too much emotionally attached, getting into small talk while at the same time solving their pain points. Everyone in the meeting was surprised by how much of change little things can have an impact in the lives of the clients that they are serving.

Here are a few things that you need to look into to provide the best customer service:

Have a positive attitude

Our director was keen to note that anyone no matter how uneducated or whatever background they were from could learn any skill. What needs intrinsic effort is attitude. It is only you who can change your attitude towards a place or job. And once you have a positive attitude, you can scale to whatever heights that you want to.

Put up a smiling face

The director was agitated on seeing one of the cleaning ladies in the organization putting up a long face. He was particular that she needed to be smiling and show a positive attitude all the time. At times, the client is not put away by what you tell them but rather by

Empathize with your clients

Your clients might be going through hell. It is up to you to help them come back to earth. Family lawyers for example have to help out people who are battling with loss of trust, looming divorce and separation. At such moments, people are at their wits end and can call each other all sorts of names as well as do really bad things that they could regret their entire lives. But with a good lawyer who is able to empathize with the situation, they are able to bring solution in an amicable manner. This family law lawyer in Germany for example is very reputable in how he is able to handle family cases in a way that everyone goes home feeling satisfied by how their cases were handled.

Be part of a team

You need to be a team player. When you are one, things will flow nicely and really well. You will have people to delegate roles to as well as have people to look up to for your directions and other nitty gritties.

Do not beat yourself up

Sometimes no matter how nice you want to be, you will never be able to please everyone. There are those clients who will come and be rude to you. You just need to know that and if they tend to harass you, have a strategy to put them away.