How to stay on course when you are working towards a new career while working a full time job. That is the question many people have to answer.  Ok.  So, you have figured out your calling – what you were meant to do – and now your personal time is being spent on doing what is needed to move in the new direction.  But, most people can’t stop working full time and pursue a new career.  Most people live paycheck to paycheck and have bills to pay on a regular basis. If you are one of those “most people”, then just the idea of quitting a job without making money yet is not an option.

Make a plan

Well, the journey of reinventing your career means you need to take the time to map out a plan.  The plan should include how you will be financially stable while you go towards a new goal in life.  Many people have done it and, like a friend of mine, despite horrible life circumstances. She was going thru a divorce with a child and had to quit a job in order to keep her sanity.  She could no longer afford to pay the mortgage and knew she had to find a totally different job in order to stay healthy for her child.  She found a way to get out of that hole and rise up to be a successful Mom with a job in the healthcare industry. Without giving you the details, suffice to say, if she can do it, so can you!

Using a well thought out plan is the right way to achieve your goals. Anyone that has something they want to achieve will need to figure out an action plan and, yes, write it down.  List step by step actions to reach that goal. And, like you probably learned in school, writing down something makes it easier to remember and achieve.

Give yourself a break

Start by mapping out how you can keep your current job but still work towards the new career.  Can you stay working full time while taking baby steps towards your new career?  And, if your answer is, yes, because you have to, please don’t be ashamed of that.  If it takes you longer to achieve your goal of reinvention, it’s OK, as long as you stay on track and use all available time wisely.  You should be proud that you are now working towards a more rewarding career and relish in the gratification that it brings.

No one is going to shame you for having a dream and working towards it. And, if they do, they shouldn’t be your friend. Because only supportive people that understand your reason for making a change and provide you with all the love and help you need should be around you.  And that goes to your employer also.  While you don’t want to advertise your intention to quit in a certain period of time, it is OK to say you have an interest to do something outside of work. In fact, in the corporate world, most people either have side jobs or charity work, that brings much needed richness into their lives.

Map out a time schedule

Make a schedule so your free time is well spent working towards your goal. But wait! Don’t allow yourself to lose out on time spent with your loved ones and friends. Map out time for your children, spouse and friends so you make sure to enjoy life’s precious moments. Because, even though you have figured out the universe’s plan for you to follow your bliss, it doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself trying to get there.

Remember, you have a vision of how rewarding your work life can be, and that is half the battle. Give yourself a good pat on the back and the approval to achieve that goal in your own timeline.  As long as you stay on course, get help when needed, and be mindful of taking the right steps to get there, you will reach that goal. I truly believe that you should love the process and journey as much as the final result and all will play out in time.  Because following your bliss will open up the universe to what is meant to be for you – only you. And pretty soon you will be able to quit that job and make enough money with your new career to afford much more than just your monthly bills!