I remember as a child creeping out into the world at daybreak. The whole house fast asleep, I felt like an adventurer. I’d pack a small rucksack with a notebook and pen, a snack and drink, and my inhaler (couldn’t leave home without it!). And I’d feel such a thrill at leaving the sleeping house behind, and striding out into the clean, new day – untouched by anyone but me!

Stifling Wonder and the Creation of Disconnect

I realised as I walked this morning (with just a drink and my phone, no inhaler required) that the thrill and sense of intense wonder I felt back then had never really left me. But I had stifled it. It feels inappropriate in a world full of people. In the emptiness, it is welcome, because the deepest connection of wonder and awe precisely matches the wholeness of nature. Nature as it is, without the reductionist overlays of ‘society’. And I can feel myself – in the quietude – connecting. As soon as my ego stirs, if I sense someone watching, then I disconnect. It’s so clear in these moments – like the click of a lock within my body, and I shut down and armour up.

If wholeness is what we crave – and the planet desperately needs – then why are we looking for it in fragmentation?

– Zoe K.M. Foster

Where are we Placing Our Energy?

If wholeness is what we crave – and the planet desperately needs – then why are we looking for it in fragmentation? Why do we persist in tearing apart, boiling down and creating divisions, separation? When we are safe, and feel nurtured and fully supported, we begin creating wholeness and coherence in the body, mind and soul. We can do this for ourselves and the planet. We can allow this in each other. Instead of saving it for the yoga mat, or a therapy session, we could create it within ourselves everyday. Imagine if we celebrated the creation of wholeness! Imagine if we supported each other to ignite this immense energy in our lives… Imagine if we saw and experienced each other – and the world – from a position of wholeness, instead of fragmentation. Imagine!

Practicing Wholeness

You are whole already. It never left you, you just disconnected from it. It’s time to reconnect. Fill yourself with the intensity of wonder at this innate wholeness, and breathe it in. Fill your wholeness with the awareness of wholeness, and feel it grow and radiate. Practice, practice, practice. You are complete.