Try these 5 simple tips:

1) Buy a small insulated cooler bag. This can be kept in your car, at your desk, taken with you on a plane or on a road trip. Add in some cutlery, napkins, something to put trash in and an ice pack if needed.

2) Be prepared. Schedule time in your diary, like you would schedule an appointment or a meeting to go to the grocery store and stock up on nutritious foods and drinks. Being prepared is crucial to preventing what I call a “food crisis”….that point you get to when you’re starving, the blood sugar is crashing and the only option is fast food/junk food. You will be so happy with yourself when you have healthy options to turn to in your cooler.

3) Include foods that are protein rich, contain healthy fats and are low in added sugar. These will fill you up for longer, prevent blood sugar imbalances and boost your energy naturally.

4) At the start of the week divide food into small glass containers or BPA-free ziplock bags and keep in the fridge to grab and put in your cooler each day.  Having these ready ahead of time is so convenient if you are rushed in the morning.

5) Food suggestions (taking into account any allergies):

-nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts), individual servings of nut butters, chopped up veggies, fresh fruit, nut/seed crackers, good quality protein bars, olives, small portions of hummus or guacamole, an avocado, hard boiled eggs, homemade stove top popcorn, a salad, fruit salad, homemade muffins/banana bread, homemade granola/trail mix/energy bites.

Drink suggestions: filtered water, Kombucha, herbal tea bags with a thermos of boiled water, flavored water with fresh lemon, cucumber, mint, orange or lime, a homemade juice or smoothie.