Lesson 1: The Foundation of Mindset: Practicing IMPERMANENCE

A concept commonly used in Eastern philosophies is impermanence, also known as the philosophical problem of change, which asserts that all of conditioned existence without exception is “transient, evanescent, inconstant”. A frequent quote that exemplifies impermanence is: “This too shall pass”. 

It is important and reassuring to remember that nothing is permanent. Our problems, challenges, adversity, or setbacks won’t last forever. A great exercise to appreciate this philosophy is to remember a time in life when we faced our biggest challenges. Did it last forever? Any situation is always changing and evolving. Life hits us with a problem and the pain is either rising or fading away. It’s knowing that the rain in our life won’t last. It might rain for a day or for a season and the sun will always come back.

Lesson 2: The Foundation of Mindset: Practicing EQUANIMITY 

Equanimity is a mental state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience or challenges. With time and practice, we realize that our brain has the inherent ability to react and an urge to protect us and keep us safe. Most of the time, fear is irrational and automatic. Instead of panicking and reacting to events, it is important to know that all events are neutral. The reason why we experience pain or suffering in our life is because of the perception and meaning that we attach to events. The pain that we experience comes from the resistance that we have or the aversion to it. When we can acknowledge, accept, and embrace a painful situation, we can transcend the pain and be free of suffering. 

Similar to any situation in life, we can choose to take the same approach of equanimity and impermanence to go through any challenges, impediments, and setbacks. The first step is to be aware of our discomfort and the feelings associated with it, which normally is fear or worry coming from a negative expectation of the future. The second step is to observe the situation from an objective point of view, and then to be willing to experience and embrace the sensations of pain without judgment to find peace and happiness. 

Lesson 3: Components of Resilience: Finding CLARITY

We all have dreams and a vision for our future. But in pursuing these aspirations we inevitably encounter obstacles. In those challenging moments, there is one element that defines the success or failure of completing our dreams. It is called the “Resilience Element” — our ability to overcome setbacks and continue moving ahead as essential to our success and well-being.

“Resilience is a mindset and the fuel that will propel your dreams forward.”

Francis Piché

Lesson 4: Components of Resilience: Driven by CONVICTION 

As Victor Frankl, celebrated Austrian psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor and author of the book “Human Search for Meaning”: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one’s own way.”

“We do not recover but instead rebuild. We do not bounce back we bounce forward.”

Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

Lesson 5: Components of Resilience: Cultivating COURAGE 

Happiness comes from within and living in the present moment. Our life is so precious, and fear and worry can devour the treasure of life. Time is a scarce resource and the only one that truly matters. It comes down to how we want to use the finite and unknown time we were given.

Your time is sacred don’t waste it. Live your life fearlessly from the heart and use your gifts.

Francis Piché

To sum up, there are practical and scientific ways to generate positive emotions and control or mind. Resilience is an element that we all have and is very powerful. For some, it is well developed, and for others, it can be regenerated or reawakened. The power lies within and we are all the master and the captain of our own life. Our ship may be stuck in a storm and be damaged along the way and we know the tumult is only temporary. We have the capacity to transcend breakdowns into breakthroughs and make a significant impact in our life by exercising our resilience muscle. 

Francis Piché – Bio

Francis is a Resilience Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO of Resilience Element and top sales performer with over 20 years of focused sales experience, including Xerox International, inspired by his passion to help people raise their success, reignite their life, remove their mental barriers and reawaken their inner power to support life and business results. 

Dr. Taryn Stejskal – Bio

Executive Resilience Expert & Co-Founder of Resilience Element, Chief Resilience Officer and Founder and CEO of Resilience Leadership. Dr. Taryn Marie is a foremost international expert on resilience in leadership and life. She is the former Head of Executive Leadership Development and Talent Strategy at Nike and global head of leadership development at Cigna.

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