Are you desperately trying (& failing) to multitask? Do you battle constant interruptions whilst nursing a workload that gains traction every second? Wondering how to make it all go away? to dial down your perception of stress & manage distractions? Mindfulness might just be the answer. We examine how to be mindful at work with these 10 evidenced mindfulness at work hacks to help you reduce stress, improve focus & jumpstart productivity.

What is Mindfulness?




A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them. So, how to be mindful at work?

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research has demonstrated that workplace mindfulness training results in decreased burnout, reduced perception of stress and increased wellbeing. Mindfulness at work will help you to;

  • Become aware of psychological blocks
  • Improve focus
  • Better decision making
  • Greater productivity

Let’s take a look at how to be mindful at work with 10 easy hacks.


We examine how to be mindful at work with these 10 evidenced mindfulness hacks that will help you to reduce stress, improve focus & see your productivity jump.

1.Single task.

When we do it we think that we’re being productive, but multitasking only increases our error rate along with our stress levels. Dump multi tasking and decrease your error rate by up to 50%.

Mindfulness at work hack #1 Take it one task at a time. Single tasking will help you to achieve flow, or optimum performance. When you single task you’ll be giving yourself the focus needed to complete complex tasks accurately. You’ll also be reducing your stress load.

2.Work with heart.

You can instantly be more mindful at work by setting the intention to work with heart and compassion.

Mindfulness at work hack #2 Even if you don’t agree with colleagues or clients, listen with kindness and compassion. Being listened to mindfully feels good & is crucial for effective communication.

3.Rewire your stress response.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the way we perceive stress affects our ability to manage it. How we view stress, has a huge impact on how we are able to handle it. Recognise that stress is universal, it isn’t unique to you. Work to reframe your perception.

Mindfulness at work hack #3 Monitor your stress self talk, mindfully unpick stressful events & see what you learn learn from them. Adopt a growth mindset to stress and learn how to use it for your development.

4.Create mindful touch points.

Touch points remind you to ‘Be’ instead of ‘Do’. They bring us back to the present moment when we’re caught up in doing, doing, doing.

Mindfulness at work hack #4 When you open your computer to start work, take a moment to be present. Consider setting an alarm on your phone or a mindful appointment in your calendar. Consider using a reminder app or place a post it note somewhere visible to you throughout the day as a signal to pause and be.

5.Train your brain like a badass.

Research demonstrates that regular mindfulness practice improves focus & decision making. When you practice mindfulness you are training your brain. Think of it as a gym workout for your grey matter.

Mindfulness at work hack #5 Create space for a mindful minute to focus on your breath. Imagine that you are following your breath all the way in through your nostrils, down your throat, into your lungs, feeling them expand and out again as you exhale. Build up from 60 seconds to develop your mindfulness muscles.

6.Manage distractions.

We’re distracted a whopping 47% of the day, usually by tech. Information overload leads to constant distraction and a culture of attention deficit making it impossible to focus fully. Managing distractions will lead to better decision making, greater task focus and less stress.

Mindfulness at work hack #6 Turn off email and tech alerts, create tech free time in your day and consider mindful breaks minus tech.

7.Mindful Pause.

Stop throughout your day to create a mindful pause. This is a great way to increase your mindful practice and rewire your brain the easy way.

Mindfulness at work hack #7 Stop and notice what’s here for you? right now? Develop conscious awareness, noticing what you find without judging it as good or bad.

8.Self care & mindful breaks.

Research suggests that when we take a break our productivity jumps. It may sound counterintuitive but making time for breaks and self care will make you more productive, not less.

Mindfulness at work hack #8 Schedule regular breaks in. Set reminders or alerts on your phone, laptop or device. Get up and walk away from your work as you take 5.

9.Commute mindfully.

Whether you use your morning commute as a mindful exercise or your evening commute to decompress, a mindful commute can really shake up your travel time.

Mindfulness at work hack #9 Notice what’s around you, the architecture or natural world. Jump off a stop early and enjoy a mindful walk or use one of the many mindfulness apps on the market to listen to a guided practice and get your zen on.

10.When you’re stressed move.

Don’t sit and stew when you experience stressful moments. Be mindful and switch states to dial down your stress and increase your resilience.

Mindfulness at work hack #10 Get up and do something, go for a mindful walk in fresh air, stretch, take a break, make a mindful tea or coffee and reframe your perspective.

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