In a world of eco-conscious like-minded individuals, trying to find the simplest and easiest solutions to travel whilst keeping your carbon footprint low can often seem like a difficult task.

It is no secret that us Homo Sapiens have abused our planet, with endless amounts of travel available now via cars, planes and cruise ships as well as our cravings and love for meat and fish. We have the world as our oyster, and we have most definitely used it.

The scary truth is that the world simply cannot take our luxuries. It’s time to make a change… no matter how drastic or subtle this change is, it is a change for the better.

For some, travelling is a way of life. A break from their day to day life and the crazy rollercoaster of our everyday lives. It’s a chance to explore new places, get lost and feel alive.

So, how can you make sure that your travelling won’t affect the planet?

Luckily, most major brands have decided to take action on the environment. Whether this is for the greater good of our planet or to make sure they do not lose any custom, it is action either way.

Now, eco travelling doesn’t mean that you’re only left with sleeping in the great outdoors and walking everywhere, it is simply becoming more aware of how and where you are travelling to.

From hotels to airlines, vehicles to food, companies are slowly becoming more conscious of how they affect our carbon footprint and how they can make their own small changes.

Travel is, of course, a huge factor of the world’s emissions. Millions of people use their cars every single day to travel to and from work and with an average of over 102 thousand flight a day going out over the world, it’s clear to see how this could affect the air we breathe.

However, fear not eco travellers, as airlines are slowly changing and adjusting their aircraft to become more eco-friendly by using lower emissions with each flight. Be sure to keep an eye out for the airlines taking part in this change.

As well as the above, when booking your flight, where possible book the direct flights instead of stop-offs. The take-off and landing are what creates the most emissions.

Similarly, take some time to plan out your trip. How will you be travelling from A to B and all the in-between? If you’re not looking to go abroad, maybe opt for a coach trip instead of driving solo or flying?

Coaches are a fantastically convenient way to travel and the great thing is that they are available everywhere! So, whether you’re looking for transport to and from the hotel, or you will be travelling to various places on your trip, choosing coach travel can help to keep your carbon footprint low. Plus it’s a simple and easy way to get around without the stress of finding places or becoming lost in an unknown surrounding.

If coaches aren’t your thing, or you’re looking to do a road trip, opt for low emissions, eco-friendly cars, such as hybrids or an electric car.

Of course, when you’re finally at your destination you want to arrive to comfort. We all like a great deal, however, make sure to research your chosen hotels. What do they do for the environment: do they give back to the community, do they recycle, and do they offer guests the option to keep their used towels so that they are used more than once instead of washing them each time?

Hotels have a mass turnover, even though we may think small things such as these won’t make a difference, because of the sheer number of towels used and recycling collected it is crucial that hotels are enforcing the correct ways to deal with this.

Finally, think about your locations. If you’re simply looking for a trip away to explore… do just that… explore. Instagram is a great capsule for inspiration; however, the world is a huge place outside of Instagram and remember, nothing is like the perfectly created picture you see through your phone. Although the destination may still look picturesque that location will more than likely be swarming with tourists who, just like yourself, found it on social media.

If you’re desperate to go to a popular location, explore outside the main parts too… you will be sure to find something that is just as beautiful with less of a crowd.

In addition to this, research the activities you take part in while away, ensure they are community and welfare friendly. Whether you’re going to the zoo or a trek through a rainforest, make sure that everything you do is in line with standards.

Not everywhere in the world, unfortunately, has the same commitment as western standards, these places can often be complete tourist traps which helps them to keep running. However, when you look into the quality and life the animals and people have there, you will want to turn away immediately.

Make sure to do your research when it comes to these tourist places before you go, if they are a popular attraction, they will more than likely have an abundance of reviews attached to them. Ensuring that their animal welfare and staff are treated correctly will make all the difference and if they aren’t, turn to something else, by you not giving them your money will help to abolish these places.

Travelling doesn’t have to come to a halt when you’re trying to be more eco-conscious, simply becoming more conscious is a start. Enjoy your travels, you will enjoy it more knowing that you’re helping the planet to.