There are many things that we experience as travelers. Fine dining. Language barriers. Meeting new people. The list goes on. However, one thing is certain. If it’s our first time going to another country, we do not know the terrain. It means that there is a great chance that we could get lost. That’s right, Darlings! Lost in a foreign country. Oooh! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Here’s the funny thing. Even if its not your first time, there is the potential that you could still get lost, anyhow. After all, changes are being made everyday. Countries are always adding and creating new sectors to their landscapes.

Getting lost comes with the territory of traveling. And, I don’t only mean living an expat life that is convenient. I mean going on adventures in a way, where you feel emotional and spiritual liberation in a country. If you plan on having this kind of travel adventure, then you need to prepare to have one of your lost moments. And, even if you decide to stick around in the tourist or expat sector, you still need preparation in being lost. Its nothing to fear, or become anxious about. On the contrary, its an experience which makes our travel dreams more fulfilling, in a strange and unique, way.

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There is nothing more rewarding, and fulfilling, in being prepared for a travel expedition. Simultaneously, there is nothing more empowering than being prepared for the unexpected, prior to and arriving to, your destination. You gain a sense of control in understanding that you have some power in your travel movement. Furthermore, you allow yourself to gain some expertise in your travel journey. To further heighten your experience, as you center yourself in having some expertise in your travel adventures, here are some guidelines you can use for your preparation time in lost adventures.

*Purchase A Language Dictionary Before Traveling

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You are not expected to be fluent in the language of the country, you choose to venture to. However, you should be aware of certain words, or know basic conversational phrases. People are more likely to assist you if they see that you are at least trying to speak the language of the country. Keep your language dictionary with you, in a backpack, purse, or bag. In fact, you shouldn’t wait until you get there to have looked through the dictionary. Take some time to go through it during your international flight, when you are relaxing on the beach, or during some of your spare time.

*Familiarize Yourself With Where You Are Staying and Becoming Friendly With the Staff

Of course you should always know the address, location, telephone number, and surrounding areas of where you are staying. Also, you should take it a step further. Get to know the staff and personnel, who are working in the area, where you are residing. Acknowledge them. Be friendly. Strike up a conversation, and let them know who you are. You never know when you will need them, should you need a translator, when you get lost.

*Learn The Different Modes Of Transportation In Your Destination

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Its really great to know the different options you have in being able to get around. Which means that you need to become familiar with them. Do you want to take a train, a tuc tuc, ride a bicycle, drive a car, bus, a trolley, or walk? However you want to navigate foreign landscapes, make sure you have some idea in how to do it. Research online bus companies. Search for reviews, relating to those who have traveled in the same area, you are destined to go. Gain a sense of what their experience was like in matriculating throughout that country, or city. You will never know when this knowledge comes in handy, should you take that unexpected detour, and unexpectedly venture to another area.

*Keep A Travel Map

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Not only is it a great idea to keep a travel map, but it is very important to make sure you are familiar with it. For example, highlight the area, where you will be staying. Either use a red marker to circle it, or a highlighter. Test out your mapping skills, by seeing how you can use it to get to the nearest place of your destination. Even having a small level of familiarity in using your map, works wonders should you ever get lost. For example, if there is a nearby restaurant or bakery where you are staying, use your map in trying to get there. Its feel great to practice; acquiring knowledge, and success when doing so.

*Join An Online Travel Group Of People In Your Destined Area

Before even getting to a place, it’s really great if you are able to connect with an online group, or social media organization, who are already in place at your destined location. Get to know a few of the loving members. Learn about them and their professions. Some of these travel groups, you can find on Facebook. Let them know you are heading to that area, and ask questions if needed. Be a smart traveler. See if you can even collect a phone number, or two. Already have their contact information before coming. That way should you get lost, you have someone you can reach out to.

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*Take Pictures Of The Landmarks In The Area, Where You Are Staying

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It is really great to use your photography skills, and allow them to cater to you should you get lost. For example, if you end up in an area, unfamiliar to you, whip out your phone, and show a respected, or trusted personnel where you are trying to head back towards. More than not, the people know their country. Should you be staying near a famous center, they can direct you back to that area.

*Smile and Stay Calm

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One of the things about preparing yourself for getting lost, is that you have already set things up in place. So, go ahead and use your tools. Relax and simply enjoy the adventure of getting back to the space, where you are destined to go.

*Make Sure That You Are Staying In A Safe Area, While You Are Trying To Get Back

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Do not look like a helpless wanderer. It can end up attracting the wrong kind of attention, and you don’t want that. While you are getting the assistance you need, go into a local coffee shop or restaurant, and order something delectable to eat and drink. If you see a nice store, go inside, and buy yourself something nice. Take advantage of this particular down time, and allow yourself to feel safe. Enjoy every part of this journey. Permit yourself to feel comfortable and have fun-even when you are lost. Take pictures of yourself, and treasure this moment.

Whenever we travel, we may experience a time when we have lost our way. And, you know what? That’s O.K. Getting lost does not have to be a travesty. In fact, it should never ruin the excitement of our travel experience. Actually, it gives us that added sparkle to our travel journey. Sometimes we have to get lost in order to be found. Every movement pattern requires a test. The travel experience is no different. Being lost forces you to elevate to a certain level of confidence. It means that you have to elevate and take some control. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, ahead. It means that you will be able to learn more about yourself-even in lost time.

(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark
(Source:; Edited By Lauren K. Clark)


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