When you’re experiencing a busy week and it feels like your to-do list is a mile long, it’s not easy to carve out time to be present with your family. Setting a hard stop to your workday can be a challenge –– but with small steps, it’s possible. We asked our Thrive community for the small ways they carve out time for family when they’re swamped at work, and we love these tips that they shared: 

Go on a walk together after work

“Almost every evening, I do a five-kilometer walk with my husband and my daughter. It helps me unwind in two ways: it’s good exercise, and it gives us the opportunity to connect with one another and spend quality time together.”

––Dana Berceanu, Microsoft

Take a break with your partner

“Every day, my wife and I take time to relax, pause, take a nap, and then connect to whatever is next, whether it’s cooking, taking a walk, or simply connecting with family and friends. We do that every day of the week and it helps us create a daily routine for the rest of the afternoon and evening so we can come to our nighttime routines feeling more relaxed.”

––Daniel Mendez Costabel, Microsoft

End the day with a family gratitude exercise

“Every night at bedtime, our family carves out time to talk about three things that made us smile each day, so everyone goes to bed on a happy note. Everybody tries to answer this question, including my 3-year-old, Archie. It forces us as parents to reflect positively (even on a rubbish day) and helps the children know it is time to wind down.”

––Beth DiSapia, Unilever