The time when the college starts bringing in a lot of excitement and fear. New session, new subjects, and tougher syllabus are all a part of school and college life. Amidst all this, students often face the problem of being productive and optimally utilizing their 24 hours effectively. To be productive and accomplish all the tasks quickly, it’s essential that students should be focussed. There are many ways to increase your productivity, but here I have compiled a list of 10 pointers that will help you boost your knowledge and make the most of your time.

Before heading further, I would like to highlight an important point, often we say that we are busy with a lot of work but, to be honest, there is a massive difference between being active and productive. Busy means you have a lot of work on the plate, but that doesn’t make you productive. On the hand, being productive makes sure that you’re efficiently gaining some knowledge and exuding the same, in simple words, productivity is result-oriented.

These 10 pointers will help you be productive:

1. TO-DO-LIST- whether you are working or studying, to-do-list is something which works efficiently for all. Writing down all the tasks will help you efficiently use your time and finish them accordingly.

2. Setting up realistic deadlines- it’s vital that while preparing a to-do-list, you assign a realistic timeline for your work. This will help you finish the task efficiently.

3. Avoid multitasking – As we know procrastination a threat to productivity, often in a hurry to finish off work, we pick up multiple tasks at a time. This is a strict no-no, it often leaves you confused and baffled with too many things on the plate; instead, try to finish off one task at a time keeping the toughest task first followed by the easy one.

4. Text skimming – to be highly productive while studying, it’s essential that you efficiently skim the texts; you should know which programs are essential and which can be skipped. This saves your time and will help you focus more on the important stuff.

5. Learn to say no to distraction – getting swayed away by external things plays a crucial role in reducing your productivity. To ensure that you make the most out of your learning activity, switch off your smartphones while studying, stay away from social media and other activities that might disturb your study hours.

6. Try studying in a clean space – this helps in reducing distraction and keeping your mind concentrated only on your work.

7. Find your golden hours- You know better than during which time of the day you can focus the best, this will help you make the maximum out of your learning.

8. Take breaks – Spending continuous hours and digging your head in the books will not help you, instead take breaks, divide your study time into sessions, and you will see how huge difference this makes. You will be able to concentrate more and remember it for a more extended period.

9. Exercise – Exercising is not only for physical maintenance. Instead, it plays a key role in mental wellness as well. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body, so make sure that you eat well, sleep well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This boosts your immunity and helps you gain stamina to study thoroughly.

10. Willpower- Any work cannot be completed without a strong willpower. If you want to achieve something you should have the passion and zeal to solve it otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

Follow these productivity hacks next time when you plan to sit down and work, I’m sure these tips will help you to study better in your college.

Bonus: Smart Tips for Students

You can never stop learning. Knowledge of the subject matter of your studies is the key to success and is a career and business imperative. With continuous advancement in technology or constant research going on in every field, it is of utmost necessity that you stay updated with all the new stuff in your field. This will be of great help for you to achieve the heights you are aiming for. Also make sure to follow some good educational websites such as,,, etc. they offer free guides, tips, and ideas for students.

You should be aware of the purpose of your studies, yes this is one of the most critical looks up for anyone who is wishing to top in studies. Blindly studying just for the sake of job will never reach you out to those dreams that you aim for.

One of the most difficult things for anyone out here is to take criticism, (constructive apparently), in a positive way and as a means of rectifying oneself. If you want to excel at your studies, you surely need to develop this trait. It may be difficult at the beginning, but, trust me, once you establish this characteristic, you will find yourself succeeding at unbelievable manner.


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